September 23, 2023

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The luxurious lifestyle and lack of control of the leaders of the Tren de Aragua in Peru: parties, drugs, alcohol, gold and diamond jewelry

They reveal the luxurious lives of many members of the Tren de Aragua

Tren de Aragua, a bloodthirsty and fearsome band from Venezuela, lives the high life in Peru. They will accumulate countless amounts of money Sexual exploitationloans’drop by drop‘, extortion, hit men, human trafficking and other crimes allow the leaders and most influential members of this dangerous criminal group to surround themselves with glittering luxuries.

For this Foreign criminalsTheir world would be incomplete without drugs, copious amounts of alcohol and beautiful women. They know no boundaries.

They know that their power rests on the fear they have instilled in the country through the countless murders they commit to get out of their way those who oppose them or disagree with their criminal vision. They have a fondness for recording their crimes and spreading them on social media to expand their terror empire.

Tren de Aragua was born in Venezuela’s Tocoron prison in 2014 and became a powerful criminal mega-gang. (Infobae mix)

This has resulted in some Peruvian criminal gangs They have no choice and leave the baton of illegal businesses if they find them infringing. On TikTok, many members’Aragua train‘ They also display short and long range weapons and combat grenades. They will not lose sight of their purpose of continuing to terrorize.

In the last few months, the Peruvian police intensified the action against this Criminal organization, A meteoric riser in the underworld. A motif is repeated in many of the proceedings: the criminals are framed on the ground, but surrounded by great pomp.

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In the same social networks they show off their weapons, they post videos of extravagant parties in the south of Lima. They wear the best brands of clothes and shoes, drink the best drinks and wear watches, rings and chains, obviously made of multi-carat gold and studded with diamonds.

Tren de Aragua was born in Venezuela’s Tocoron prison in 2014 and became a powerful criminal mega-gang. (of Ministry of Home Affairs)

One of the worst police conspiracies in Peru against ‘Aragua trainIt was November 10, 2022 at a house in Surko. A dozen Venezuelan criminals were arrested, including Jose Angel Ortega Patron‘Armando’ was responsible for sexual exploitation in various parts of the capital.

According to PNP General Ulises Guillén, head of anti-trafficking and smuggling of migrants, ‘Armando’ leads the “life of a king”. Although he was captured in Surgo district, he lived in an apartment located in one of the most exclusive areas Miraflores. He paid 11,000 soles as monthly rent and nearly 40,000 soles were found in cash. Apart from more than 40 pairs of shoes from top brands.

“It gives us a sense of the lifestyle that this subject led, thanks to the illicit profits that come from sexual exploitation,” said General Gillen.

The Aragua Railroad in Peru has risen to stardom in the world of crime, mainly thanks to its desire to take over everything in Lima. (Infobae Collection: Eyewitness)

Scary and merciless Aragua trainA small criminal group that once had a limited presence in some South American countries due to migration has enjoyed a meteoric rise. Founded in Venezuela in 2014, this dangerous gang has come to Peru and other parts of the region with the aim of consolidating and dominating everything.

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Their success lies in the diversity of crimes they commit to amass huge amounts of dirty money. Gang involved Drug traffickingbeater, ExtortionKidnapping, robbery, assault, fraud, money laundering, Human trafficking, pimping, illegal arms sales, migrant smuggling, illegal gold mining and many other criminal activities. Its presence extends to Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and other countries in the region.

Police officials are clear that it has become serious as a criminal organization Security threat Combating its growing influence not only in our country but across the region requires concerted and determined action.

The Aragua Railroad in Peru has risen to stardom in the world of crime, mainly thanks to its desire to take over everything in Lima. (Direct Witness / Composite Information)

Criminal organizationAragua trainCovers an even more bloodthirsty faction known as the ‘Children of God’. According to police reports, this group of Venezuelan criminals is involved in a lucrative business of sexual exploitation in the southern part of Lima, covering the districts of San Juan de Miraflores, Villa María del Trinfo and Villa El Salvador. However, their role is not limited to that, as a very dark function is attributed to them.

“Children of God” killed Venezuelans, their bodies dumped on the Pasamaito highway, according to police reports. (Composite info: Argentina / Republic)

In addition to their involvement in smuggling of persons for the purpose Sexual exploitationIt is suspected thatChildren of GodThey are involved in activities like drug trafficking, extortion and contract killings. Their presence and criminal activities create a fearful atmosphere in the community and affect the safety and well-being of the residents of these areas. Authorities have held them responsible for dumping the bodies of two women along the Via Pasamaito, which connects the districts of San Juan de Luricancho and Comas.

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Authorities are intensifying efforts to root out this dangerous criminal group and bring its members to justice. However, the complexity of its structure and its ability to adapt to law enforcement strategies represent a significant challenge.