June 16, 2024

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This is why Pedro Sánchez announced that he will not resign

This is why Pedro Sánchez announced that he will not resign

Becona Gómez, the wife of Pedro Sánchez, the head of Spain's government, is facing a judicial investigation for influence peddling and corruption charges, which led the president to cancel his public agenda to “reflect” on whether he should continue in office.

Sanchez considered in a letter published on the social network

Behind the complaints is an organization called Clean Hands, which identifies itself on its website as an “independent union” but has gained notoriety in the press for promoting legal cases against high-ranking figures such as ex-judge Baldazar Carzón or Infanta Cristina, the daughter of Spanish kings. It is now unclear how far the lawsuit can go after the group's president, Miguel Bernard, admitted on Thursday that his complaint was based on false information published in digital media.

A complaint against Gomez will go nowhere (as has happened to others promoted by Clean Hands). The state attorney general's office told CNN this Thursday that Madrid prosecutors have appealed the court's ruling and requested that the investigation be closed. A source at the prosecutor's service, speaking to CNN, says the content of the complaint contained no criminal charges.

The case is only in preliminary proceedings, which are classified as confidential.

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