May 22, 2024

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“Most Wanted” in Chile started as Venezuela and a supermarket cart filler

“Most Wanted” in Chile started as Venezuela and a supermarket cart filler

on Facebook Carlos Alexander Cortez Flores is known as “Carlitos Nike” by Chilean police officers. The shots of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) and the rag picker Anuel always stand out. Images of reflexive messages, high-powered weapons, luxury watches and sexual connotations with Nike shoes and flannels abound.

The 20-year-old is from Venezuela Most wanted criminal in ChileIn addition to the heads of Tren de Aragua, a criminal organization of which he is a part, according to recent investigations by the Police of Investigation (PDI).

Cortes Flores was one of them Police officer Daniel Palma is charged with murder. An ambush that shocked Chile was recorded on April 5. The officer received two shots to the head and died two hours later at the former Posta Central. He has been on the run ever since.

However, investigations into his criminal activities continue to leave onion layers on the floor.

Activating the hand at Concepcion

Last Monday, leaders of the Aragua train were captured by PDI thugs in the Bío Bío region.

The Public Ministry has dealt heavy blows to a criminal organization of Venezuelan origin 10 persons directly associated with this gang were arrested Cortés’ phone record with Colombian Luis Franco Ceballos, “Caliche”, head of the powerful mafia in Concepcion.

This audio picks up a discussion at the beginning, but it slows down in tone. One of the procedures was even carried out in the house where Cortez lived for a while, according to lawyer Patricio Aravena, one of them. Operating Arms and Partner of “Caliche”.

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“There are people involved in other criminal activities that will come to light during the investigation,” Aravena said before the regularization hearing. “Nike’s” activities included drug sales and the attendance of at least one of the 14 victims. Human trafficking.

Research suggests more than one Dozens of women were victims of the crime of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitationUnder the control of the Operations Group of the Tren de Aragua in Concepcion.

For this reason, simultaneous raids were conducted on 16 properties and managed to disrupt a section of the feared international gang, which controlled the sex trade in the region for more than a year.


who ordered A woman who exploited foreigners – Partner of the head of the operations team- who has revealed her comfortable life on social networks: Marie Emilia Colmanares Orozco, Venezuelan with more than 1,400 followers on Tiktok and many on Instagram, sites where she shows off her luxurious life. Since arriving in Chile it has been part of its staging.

His records are not all about luxury. In some, the woman can be seen holding a gun with a message for those who were part of the world of prostitution. Intimidation and subjugation at gunpoint seem to have been common among young women who came to the Biobio area.

Who is the head of the operating department? Franco will be in charge of making connections Acted as a financier to recruit female victims of trafficking for sexual purposes abroad and later in Chile.

In one Wiretaps explained how “caliche” works into his band. It made it clear what was the amount charged to the victims, a key piece of evidence for the prosecution.

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A figure of violence

What is the role of “Carlitos Nike”? Louis, after receiving the women at Concepción, fined them. They had to pay him the money spent on the transfer from Venezuela. The amount was to be paid through sexual exploitation, but it was extended over time, as the second business was to come, which was maintenance. Food and shelter increased the debt.

Collection work was carried out through Cortez Flores, group’s weapons division. “His other specific activities were attracting clients to victims of sexual exploitation, threatening women who owed him money, giving them a deadline to cancel or else they had to leave the country. If they didn’t, they used guns to commit violence,” explains lawyer Aravena.

In the statements of the victims, “Carlitos Nike” figure is very violent, But, in turn, one of the close ones revealed his true face as he was in charge of asking the women and feeding them but, later, without getting paid.

Cortes lived in different cities in Chile after entering the unauthorized route in 2021. He got a job as a supermarket stock clerk. In Vitacura Commune. However, six months later, he moved to Viña del Mar.

Then came Uber. His goal was to bring in large batches of guys to engage in the sex trade. His relatives, to whom he had left an important debt, noticed a very criminal attitude when he returned from Viña to Concepcion. It will be in this city where he started in the world of crime. In fact, there he tried to bring a Venezuelan woman to Chile to be exploited in the prostitution industry.

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