June 3, 2023

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The US is deporting hundreds of Venezuelans under Title 42


Caracas.- United States (US) authorities have deported hundreds of Venezuelan immigrants from Brownsville, Texas to Mexico. This Friday May 5, below Title 42, The health measure has been used since 2020 Through this action has been taken to evacuate the migrants from various nationalities. The exact number of Venezuelans was not specified.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials, Immigrants They crossed the border and were arrested by border officials. They pointed out that at least three such groups are being evicted daily.

White House Correspondent Voice of America (VOA), Jorge Agopian reported that Venezuelan immigrants are currently the population with the largest number of exodus to Mexico, the Valle del Río Grande sector.

US border officials said 6,000 migrants were detained on Thursday, May 4. 4,000 are Venezuelans.

A new US immigration plan: Six measures that come after Title 42

A US Department of Homeland Security official said Voice of America The increase in irregular crossings by Venezuelan migrants is due to misinformation about the country’s immigration laws and deception by smugglers. “Nothing has changed,” he insisted.

On May 12, a day after Title 42 expired, the US government announced it would begin applying. Title 8 Immigrants who cross the border irregularly into the United States.

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He Title 8 This allows for the speedy expulsion of those who cross irregularly and do not show sufficient grounds to claim asylum. In addition, deportees face a minimum five-year ban on re-entry and criminal prosecution for improper entry attempts.

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