May 28, 2023

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Macron and Pedro are joining forces with the Venezuelan opposition to unseat Maduro

Political crisis Venezuela has regained an international dimension after a lull. Emmanuel Macron received Gustavo Pedro at the Elysee Palace on Thursday, where a specific date must be set for the 2024 presidential election under the supervision of the international community.

Maduro has asked the presidents of Colombia and France in person over the past week. Pedro visited Caracas on his first official visit to Venezuela and made it clear to the Chavista leader that he had every intention of maintaining close ties with his country, but that would see progress on his part. Macron crosses paths with Maduro at world climate summit They also insisted on finding a solution soon. Washington is also moving in this direction when it has been verified that the intention to overthrow Maduro by isolating him by appointing an alternate president has not worked. The consensus is that elections where the opposition can challenge Maduro for the presidency and elections where a transition can take place are the most practical.

Pedro has embarked on a relationship full of cheaters. Colombia needs Maduro to strike a no-man’s-land, no-holds-barred deal with the ELN, a Colombian guerrilla based on the border between the two countries. The armed group leaders also have good relations with important Chavista leaders. Maduro has a great deal of legitimacy in front of the world these days, Seen at COP 27. In exchange, the Pedro Chavista government wants a return to regional control bodies, particularly inter-American human rights bodies and, incidentally, to Mexico. Maduro’s personality.

The Colombian president is making a more forceful speech with Chavismo on this tour of Europe than he usually uses in his homeland. When he lectured at the Institute of Political Science in Paris, he said that Latin America must unite around concrete projects. “Will there be an election in Venezuela? Yes, who will win in 2024? I won’t go into it anymore. Mercifully, Venezuelans express themselves freely. “The negotiations in Mexico must lead to that, guaranteeing the loser,” he said. Between the lines, Venezuela needs a liberal democracy where alternation in power is respected. That word, liberal democracy, He used it in Caracas in front of an effusive Maduro.

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The path to reopening the dialogue in Mexico is open. Chavismo and opposition representatives are finalizing details for a return to talks under the administration of Norwegian and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The central objective is to organize free elections with guarantees by 2024. It’s not easy, since Chavismo rose a year ago, this is the second time they’ve sat at the table.

Petro is convenient abroad. Three months into his tenure, he has already traveled abroad several times. His speech at the UN General Assembly in New York, A strong plea in favor of the energy transition and against the US-led war on drugs, the first tweet you see when you enter your social network profile. But the relationship with Paris is special. The former guerrilla is an Afrancado who learned the language while in exile in Belgium, fleeing violence in Colombia, and whose daughters have studied at a French lyceum in Bogotá. Wednesday, DAmong the public who heard him speak at the university was his daughter Sophia. He studies political science there.


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At the Paris Peace Forum, which Pedro will attend this Friday, the presidents of Argentina and Chile will join the discussion. The representative of the Venezuelan government, Jorge Rodríguez, president of the Venezuelan legislature, is Maduro’s most trusted politician. And on the opposite side will be former mayor of the municipality of Caracas, Gerardo Blite. This seems to be the ideal meeting to bring the positions closer and make the meeting in Mexico a reality.

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In a meeting at the Elysée, the presidents talked about climate change, a flag on Pedro’s foreign trips. The Colombian president has indicated his desire to hold a meeting in the Amazon, attended by his French counterpart, although there is no date yet. Macron has extended his hand to cooperate and provide technical and financial support for the agrarian reform the Colombian government has embarked on, which seeks to distribute Petro land more favorably. His attitude is not small. One of the key points of the reform was the acquisition of three million hectares of land from landowners to distribute among farmers and displaced people, prompting the government to incur huge expenditure. Petro had already requested financial assistance from the US a few weeks agoBut it didn’t work.

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