October 2, 2023

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Kevin McCarthy: Historic Confusion in the US House of Representatives After Not Being Elected President in First Legislative Session (What’s Happening Now)

image source, EPA


Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy failed to reach the majority needed to lead the House of Representatives despite three attempts on Tuesday.

A drama not seen in American politics in a century has plunged the leadership of the US House of Representatives into a tug-of-war and shows deep divisions in the Republican Party.

After an intense legislative session, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, reaped defeat in Congress this Tuesday. In three rounds To vote for the next leader of the Legislative Council, historic political chaos erupted within his party.

This new Congress was supposed to return Joe Biden’s opposition party to power after winning the midterm elections last November. However, McCarthy faced a revolt within his own ranks and made history for all the wrong reasons.

This is This is the first time in a century A candidate who presides over the House of Representatives does not have the votes to fill that seat. After Tuesday’s vote, the legislators decided to adjourn the session and resume voting on Wednesday afternoon.