April 21, 2024

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Brazil | Giovanni Quintella Bezerra: They Arrest Anesthesiologist Who Raped Pregnant Woman During C-section | Vilar dos Teles Women’s Hospital | Description | EC Stories | the world

Brazil |  Giovanni Quintella Bezerra: They Arrest Anesthesiologist Who Raped Pregnant Woman During C-section |  Vilar dos Teles Women’s Hospital |  Description |  EC Stories |  the world

Dr Giovanni Quintella Becerra was arrested on Sunday for rape. An anesthetist abused a patient undergoing anesthesia and surgery at the Vilar dos Delis Women’s Hospital in São João Meriti, Paixada Fluminense municipality. Nurses from the surgical team suspected his behavior for months and filmed his actions with a hidden cell phone.

Video recorded During full delivery, the male member is inserted into the patient’s mouth. The recording was handed over to investigators from the São João de Meriti Women’s Auxiliary Police Station (TEAM).

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Hospital nurses and technicians distrusted the anesthesiologist’s approach for months. To prove their suspicions, they started recording the expert during the procedures. Finally, last Sunday night. Becerra was caught raping a pregnant woman during a caesarean section. The pictures became the evidence for the doctor’s arrest.

According to Deam São João de Meriti, The amount of anesthetic used on pregnant women raised the team’s suspicions.

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Becerra performed two surgeries on Sunday alone, in unregistered rooms, where the staff reprimanded the doctor. But managed to get images in third process.

As seen in the video, the patient is on a stretcher, unconscious, and going into labor. On the left side of the screen, the hospital surgical team begins a caesarean section. Meanwhile, On the right side, a meter away from his companions, with a sheet in between, Becerra lowers his pant fly, pulls out his penis, and inserts it into the pregnant woman’s mouth.

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The crime lasts about 10 minutes. While abusing the victim, the anesthesiologist moves so that no one in the room notices. When it’s over, Take a handkerchief to cover the traces and clean the victim.

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Police are now trying to trace the other victims of the anesthesiologist. In a statement released by the portal g1The team member expressed that the patients They were so mesmerized that they “couldn’t even hold their children.”. According to the woman, “Giovanni was always in front of the patient’s head and neck, blocking anyone’s field of vision.”

He said that what caught his attention was the doctor’s behavior in the first operating room: “After the patient’s companion left the operating room, Giovanni put on a cloak and made a hut, so that no one else could see the patient from the neck down..

At another time, “Giovanni, still positioned towards the patient’s neck and head, bent his left arm and began with slow forward and backward movements,” the witness explained. “From the movement and curvature of the arm, it appeared to hold the patient’s head toward her pelvis”.

A record of the crime was achieved only on the third helping of the anesthetist of the day. At the last moment, they managed to switch rooms, hide the phone in a glass case, and then confirm the flagrante. During the first two functions of the day, the layout of the rooms did not allow the phone to be concealed. Witness and other panel members With no chance of interrupting the crime, they were only able to view the footage once the phone was recovered.

“Patients [de Giovanni] They kept to themselves completely. When they were treated by another anesthesiologist, they were not like this.A witness said in a statement.

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Shortly after 11:15 a.m. (local time), the anesthesiologist left Team de São João de Meriti, accompanied by Palinter agents. Journalists asked the expert why he committed the crimes and whether he was remorseful. However, Becerra remained silent. the man José Frederico Marques will be sent to public prisonAt Benfica.

This was stated by the lawyer Hugo Novaz, who is defending Becerra “He is yet to access the full text of the statements and evidence produced during the preparation of the arrest record in Florence.”. Also, according to security, “After it is thoroughly approached, the charge against the anesthesiologist will be addressed.”

Governor Claudio Castro mentioned the case on his Twitter profile: “I was horrified to learn of the horrific case of an anesthesiologist at the São João de Meriti Women’s Hospital who filmed himself sexually assaulting a patient. I have decided that The investigation of this most serious charge will be rigorous and swift. RJ Government will provide all necessary help and support to the victim. In addition to the investigation by the state civil police department, an internal investigation is being opened to take administrative action, as well as notification to Kremerge.

This is a statement, The Health Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the Secretary of Health “strongly reject the conduct of the anesthesiologist” and “They are in police custody and are cooperating with the investigation.”. Organisms also report “that a Internal investigation Take administrative action as well as notify Cremerj”. The women’s hospital team is extending all support to the victim and her family”. The text also highlighted that the case “deserves our rejection and is a crime which should be punished as per existing law”.

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Cremerj’s president, Clovis Bersot Munhoz, said a professional ethics process had already been opened to investigate the case.

“Cremerj-RJ received the allegations and, considering the seriousness of the case, immediately opened the precautionary procedure for the suspension of the expert’s activities and initiated the professional ethics process, whose maximum sanction is revoked,” he said.