March 31, 2023

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“Run or we’re going to shoot,” they told the raped Venezuelan in Darien.


Caracas.- cross Darien Forest It has become a deadly journey for Venezuelan immigrants who risk living a nightmare in that jungle in search of the American dream.. Assaults, abductions, murders and sexual abuse These are some of the dangers faced by those who decide to cross the dense jungle that separates them Panama to ColombiaIt has become a common route to reach America.

In January 2022, Maria, A Venezuela past the Darien Forest, In an interview with TVV, she confided that she had been raped by seven men and that they later told her: “Run, go, If not, we’re going to shoot them in the back. She said she was raped along with other women. Among them, a 13-year-old girl.

“Darian Hell”

Roberto BermudezVenezuelan correspondent in Panama, founder and CEO @ChamoNoticiasPanama, Darien considers the forest to be the door to hell. “To talk about Darien is to talk about hell, I can call it Green monster. It has become a place where thousands of people have died. “If the devil got to me and said, ‘I’m going to enter Darien,’ I would tell him not to do it,” Bermudez said. In an interview with El Pitazo.

Likewise, one of the stories that most targeted him, the spokesperson said, was a video of a mother who could not bear to watch and threw herself into a ravine in the jungle. When seven or eight criminals molested her 13-year-old daughter; However, he did not reveal the woman’s nationality.

Worms too

In the interview, Bermudez He revealed that he knew the case of some Colombians who met at one place African woman screaming because she had worms on her legBut they couldn’t get it out, so unfortunately they let it go.

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Hungry, cold and lost in the forest

when Yonatan MogollonAnother Venezuelan who decided to cross the Darien Forest, said Whistle The journey lasted eight days; He was hungry and cold; He fell ill and felt lost in the forest.

target Mogollon He wanted to reach America, but his American dream disappeared along the way. Fear, lack of money and fatigue made him change his mind. Currently, he lives in Costa Rica.

“The forest looks like a graveyard”

On their way, MogollonHe was traveling with his family and found at least 16 mutilated bodies Darien Forest of Cemetery.

“We couldn’t help a woman in pain beyond giving her painkillers. Another kilometer away there was another woman whose legs were too swollen to walk. Graves and at least 16 mutilated bodies. The forest was like a graveyard.

At least seven Venezuelans have died in less than five months

Drowning is one of the latest news Luz Asleidys Steile Arguelles and her daughter Lusied Antonella Chirinos Steile, who was a minor. Both were swept away by the river. According to journalist Roberto Bermudez, their relatives confirmed their deaths after sending a video showing their bodies.

July 2022

Freddie Alexander Lira He died while trying to cross the forest. The news came from journalist Roberto Bermudez who posted a video showing a man from Carabobo state sitting on the ground in critical condition.

Another video went viral on social media Wilmer Monterol lying on the forest floor. Monterola, from the state of Nueva Esparta, was discovered by another group in Venezuela.

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February 2022

Marine Castellano, 26, drowned after being swept away by the current The young woman was traveling with her husband and Franklin, their 6-year-old son, along a river on their way from Colombia to Panama.

March 2022

Andreína Chiquinquirá Acosta died of a heart attack in the Darien Forest. Her bystanders tried to help her but they could not save her life. The Venezuelan leaves Colombia with her son for Capurcana, where walkers begin to enter the well-known jungle.

Merimar Paula Gomez Diaz He could not successfully cross the forest and died on March 17. The cause of his death was heart attack. The woman had migrated with her mother, husband and three children aged 1, 2 and 15 years.

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