July 15, 2024

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Italy demands the extradition of Ivan Duque’s president

Italy demands the extradition of Ivan Duque’s president

Marta Lucía Ramírez, Colombia’s foreign minister during the government of former President Ivan Duque, will be asked by an Italian judge to extradite her because of her involvement in the bribery case involving Massimo D’Alema and Alessandro Profumo.

“In the investigations, in addition to the former official, Edgardo Fierro Flores, head of the Task Force on Providing Opportunities in Colombia, and finally German Monroy Ramírez and Francisco Joya Brito, representatives of the Colombian Senate Commission, will also participate.” Italian press says.

The investigation indicates that Marta Lucía Ramírez will be responsible for receiving $40 million euros, as the other half will remain in Italy. A total of $80 million euros in illegal bounties is being talked about.

The prosecutor’s office, in the investigation, said that in recent years “those under investigation have worked in various functions as promoters of the commercial economic initiative of Italian companies selling to the Colombian government with public participation – Leonardo, in particular the M 346 aircraft, and Fincantieri, in particular corvettes and small submarines and shipbuilding – from the Colombian authorities. In order to obtain the conclusion of formal and concrete contracts related to the described products, the total economic value of which exceeds 4 billion euros» .

The amount would have been distributed using a Miami-based law firm announced by D’Alema, Robert Allen Law, who was represented in Italy in this negotiation by Umberto Bonavita and Gerardo Cardo.

“I did not go”

This Wednesday, Marta Lucia Ramírez spoke out on her social networks against the alleged purchase of military aircraft from an Italian company by the Ivan Dug government.

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In a statement posted on his official Twitter account, the former president explained his defense in three points.

“In my capacity as vice president and president during the previous administration, I had no authority or responsibility in relation to the acquisition of aircraft or military equipment. I am not involved, I do not participate in meetings or meetings with organizations in the field of defense and security”, the first of them.

He added, “Matters related to the Ministry of Defense and dialogue with companies in that sector are always handled by the regular driver. In this way, the Ministry of National Defense and those in that portfolio had to explain the company’s procurement.

Finally, Ramírez indicated that Massimo D’Alema was interested in contacting him for allegedly selling Italian planes to Colombia. “If there is such an intention on Mr. D’Alema’s part, that interest is frustrated, I have never met him and fortunately I do not know him or his associates in the scandal that the Italian judiciary is investigating,” Ramirez said. In the document..