June 23, 2024

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How to get smooth porcelain effect skin in 1 week

How to get smooth porcelain effect skin in 1 week

In Panorama, we know that there is a Porcelain effect smooth skin It is not an easy task and that is why we present it to you 1 natural ingredient Such an impact is ideal to enjoy the color 1 week only. You'll be surprised how easy it is to look 20 years younger!

What cooking ingredient gives porcelain skin?

Banana peel It is one of the most powerful secret ingredients Moisturize the skin deeply Fight expression lines, in addition to give skin flexibility. as Contains antioxidants and minerals Like potassium, it can help prevent future exposure lines.

This is how you use banana peels to get ceramic peels

required things:

  • 1 banana peel
Banana peel should be with ceramic skin. Photo: Archive

How to use:

  1. Once you have your new peel, cut it into 2 parts (for ease of use).
  2. Wash your face as usual, preferably with soap and water.
  3. Pat your skin dry with gentle touches until the matte effect is maintained.
  4. Rub the banana peel all over your face.
  5. Leave it for at least 15 minutes.
  6. Rinse off with your favorite moisturizer.
  7. Do this procedure at least twice a week.


Don't forget Do a patch test Complement this beauty trick with a balanced diet, all-day hydration, collagen-enriched serums, and sunscreen to ensure your face is in harmony with this natural ingredient.

How to get smooth skin
How to get smooth skin Photo: Archive

So now you know, give it a try Natural ingredient Perfect for achieving a youthful look for a long time. You will love The ceramic effect It gives your skin health without resorting to chemicals or invasive procedures.