May 21, 2022

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The wife of a murdered lawyer in Colombia has released details of the attack

Wife of lawyer Marcelo Becci,

Claudia Aguilera, the wife of Paraguayan lawyer Marcelo Becci, was murdered on a private beach at a private hotel on Barrow Island in Cartagena, breaking her silence and revealing details of the crime.

In newspaper reports WeekAguilera promised that two people would come on a jet ski on a private beach; One man left and walked through the area, without saying a word, shooting the officer at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“They came to the hotel’s private beach … there was nothing they could do, they came and shot us immediately when we were on the beach. Security officials could not be reached for comment.

He assured them that there was no threat against him, so they had no security in going through Colombia; In addition, they chose a hotel that guaranteed certain security conditions, but the killers were able to overcome it.

“No, there was no threat. We only came to spend the holidays. We walked without a guard. There was no risk of revenge. We were not in danger, so we stayed at the hotel,” Aguilera said.

Police arrived at the scene and collected interviews and security videos of the hotel with investigators aiming to identify those responsible for the crime.

Pechi, 45, was on a honeymoon with his wife, journalist Aguilera, who got married on April 30 in Asuncion.

In charge

Colombian police have released a search and seizure circular with a photo of one of Pechi’s murder suspects.

In the police circular, a person is seen wearing a black dress and a hat that partially covers his face, and solicits the cooperation of the public to identify him, as well as several telephone connections and emails to provide information.

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Director-General of the Colombian Police Jorge Luis Vargas awarded 2,000 million pesos, or about $ 490,000.

The police added that they were unaware of the presence of a Paraguayan lawyer in Colombia and that “because of his position he was one of the most protected people in Paraguay”.

Colombian authorities have not yet released further details on who may be behind the murder of this special prosecutor against organized crime, drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist financing in Paraguay.

The assassinated officer handled media cases such as the arrest of former Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho for passport fraud or an investigation into the shooting at the Jumina festival last January, where model and “influential” Christina ‘Vita’ Aranda died. , Wife of footballer Evan Torres.

In a statement to the Colombian radio station Blue Radio, Paraguay’s attorney general, Sandra Quinones, promised to read out the hypothesis that Pechi, who “manages his entire security system”, had been followed from Asuncion to Cartagena.

“At one point (Pecci) he had to face some kind of threats, he took precautionary measures at his job and said he was a“ personal friend ”.

With information from Semana and Efe

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