May 19, 2024

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Tuto Quiroga Condemns Cuba, Russia, Hamas and Hezbollah's Intervention in Venezuela

Tuto Quiroga Condemns Cuba, Russia, Hamas and Hezbollah's Intervention in Venezuela

Jorge Quiroga, former president of Bolivia. Photo: NTN24

Former Bolivian President Jorge Quiroga has warned of the presence of foreign forces and terrorists in Venezuela such as Cuba, Russia, FARC, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Recently, former presidents Eduardo Duhalte of Argentina, José María Aznar of Spain and Quiroga of Bolivia discussed the challenges of Latin America. At the World Dialogue Congress in Buenos Aires.

Quiroga was highly critical of the situation in VenezuelaMaduro has called the administration a “brutal dictatorship.”

He argued that the U.S. had “failed miserably” by easing sanctions because Venezuela lacked freedom and detained opposition figures like Corina Machado.

“Venezuela has a brutal dictatorship. Only Corina Machado can bring freedom, but she is held back. We ask the world to stop supporting Maduro. We are also saddened by the fact that Cuba is not open. The U.S. easing of sanctions on Venezuela was a major setback“, said.

Former Presidents Duhalde, Quiroga and Aznar (Photos: Adrián Escándar)

Likewise, former Bolivian President Hugo Chavez financed dictatorial regimes in Venezuela.

(Hugo) In Venezuela Chavez financed Belarus or Russia. Why do I mention it? I know who is my friend and who is not. We are going to celebrate 30 years since the attack on AMIA, where six Bolivians died. That's why meeting Chávez (former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) hurt me so much. Military training center opens in Bolivia with Iranians We must distinguish between autocracy and democracy“, he said.

Quiroga called on the international community to free political prisoners and restore democracy in the country.

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He believes that tyrannies continue to prevail in the region and that Venezuelans cannot decide their future because of the severe crisis they are going through.

Political prisoners must be freed and democracy restored in Venezuela. It is territory occupied by Cuba, Hezbollah, Hamas, FARC, Nicaragua, Russia and China.. In this fight, the tyrants always win”, he concluded.