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Julian Assange suffered a stroke in late October


12 dic 2021 01:39 GMT

Her partner Stella Morris said the cyber activist suffered a stroke while attending a London High Court hearing via video conference from a high-security prison in Belmarsh.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suffered a stroke on October 27 Revealed This Saturday to his partner Stella Morris British tabloid Daily Mail.

An Australian programmer has suffered a stroke while attending a London High Court hearing via video conference from a high-security prison in Belmarsh. Said Morris A microctus At the time, Assange was suffering from memory problems, symptoms of neurological damage and drooping eyelids.

After noticing that the cyber activist was feeling bad, the judge allowed him to leave the trial, but Assange was unable to leave the prison video room. Then, a doctor examined his health and confirmed the patient’s health Student’s late response By illuminating one eye, this may indicate potential nervous system damage. In addition, MRI scans and anti-stroke medications were prescribed.

“Julian is having trouble, and I’m afraid this mini-stroke will be a precursor to a bigger attack, which will only increase our fear of him.” Survival This long legal battle will continue, “Morris lamented.

“Look at the animals Trapped in cages At a zoo. They shorten their lifespan. That’s what will happen Julian. Endless court cases are mentally distressing, “he continued, adding that the October 27 episode was caused by court battles.

“U.S.Na fatigue war

London High Court this Friday Approved The cyber activist’s handover indicated that he was satisfied with Assange’s US side. Will not be subjected to strict rule In the North American country it is known as special administrative operations while in custody. The WikiLeaks founder’s defense has until December 23 to challenge the ruling.

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In light of this ruling, Assange’s partner, arguing that Washington is acting, reiterated that the activist did not represent a “threat to anyone” as he had attacked the United States.A war of exhaustion“It’s even more outrageous for someone who has not served a prison sentence to be in prison for many years,” Morris insisted.

  • Assange, 50, has been accused in the United States of leaking hundreds of thousands of pages of secret military documents and secret diplomatic cables about North American activities in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. . The maximum sentence will be imposed on the charges against him 175 years in prison.