February 28, 2024

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A photo of the suspect who killed the Paraguayan lawyer has been released

A photo of the suspect who killed the Paraguayan lawyer has been released
Massacre of Paraguayan lawyer L. National
Photo: DirectorPolicia

The Colombian police A search and seizure circular has been released with a photo of one of the suspects in the murder of Paraguay-based anti-mafia lawyer Marcelo Becky, who was shot dead while on a honeymoon on Baru Island.

In the police circular, a person is seen wearing a black dress and a hat covering his face, requesting the cooperation of the public to identify him, as well as several telephone connections and emails to provide information.

Director of the Colombian Police Jorge Luis Vargas, a Press conference The reward is around $ 490,000.

“In the next few minutes, with the orders of the Judiciary Police, we hope to be able to provide other elements to the national and international community so that everyone can help us find more people to clarify this fact,” he added.

The murder took place this morning on the island of Baru, about 40 minutes by boat from Cartagena de India, where Becky, 45, was on his honeymoon with his wife, Paraguayan journalist Claudia Aguilera, who was married on April 30 in Asuncion.

The Decameron Hotel, where the couple announced they were going to be parents today, said the “attackers who came in jet skis on the beach” killed the lawyer.

In addition, the attackers shot and killed one of the security guards at this beach resort, but the person was not injured.

Colombia was unaware of Pechi’s presence

According to police, “there is no knowledge of the existence of a Paraguayan lawyer in Colombia, and because of his position he was one of the most protected people in Paraguay.”

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Colombian authorities have not yet released further details on who may be behind the murder of this special prosecutor against organized crime, drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist financing in Paraguay.

However, the president of Paraguay, Mario Apto Benitez, emphasized that the fight was led by a Paraguayan official and pointed to “organized crime”, while the country’s prosecutor’s office branded those hiding behind “big criminal structures” as cowards.

Paraguayan lawyer Marcelo Becky, in a file photo. Photo: EFE / Noelia F. Aceituno

The assassinated officer handled media cases such as the forgery of the passport of former Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho or an investigation into the shooting at the Joumina festival last January. Aranda is the wife of footballer Evan Torres.

The Attorney General of Paraguay, Sandra Quinos, promised in a statement to the Colombian radio station. Pluradio They explore the hypothesis that Becky, who “managed his entire defense system himself”, would have followed him from Asuncion to Cartagena.

“Sometimes Pecci had to face some kind of threat and he took precautionary measures against his job,” the lawyer said.

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