February 27, 2024

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Spain: 19 years later, man admits to killing and dismembering his partner

Spain: 19 years later, man admits to killing and dismembering his partner

He was found by a call, and then he told everything. The family never believed the initial version.

19 years after the disappearance of 38-year-old Juana Canale from Madrid, where she had two children, aged 16 and 18, on February 22, 2003, all the details are beginning to emerge.

Her accomplice, Jesus B., testified last night, admitting he killed her with a blow after a heated argument, although that was not his intention.

He also said that the woman’s eldest son, who had gone out that night, dismembered the body in the bathroom and carried it in his car in two suitcases, fearing that he would be found.

With that vehicle he traveled about 100 kilometers from the Spanish capital to a municipality in the province of Ávila where his family had a farm. There, in the middle of the hill, two kilometers away from the relative’s house, he dug two pits and buried the body.

Earlier, he kept a note in his house to clear doubts. He told the woman’s son that the two had a heated argument and that his mother had passed away after taking too many pills.

Previous version

This is not the first version of Prisoner. He told agents that hours earlier, he had found the dead woman when he arrived home, and he got scared and then began dismembering the body to bury it.

With this confession, nearly two decades of uncertainty have been closed for the Canal family.

The case was reinvestigated in 2019 when a hiker accidentally found some bones, which subsequent genetic testing determined belonged to the Juana Canal.

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Then, already in 2022, a judge Jesus B.

The man married another woman six months after his ex-partner’s death. He has four children and runs a mobile hot dog business.

However, when he learns that some of the canal’s mortal remains have been discovered and that there is a police presence in the small town of Ávila, he ends up on a phone spree that leads to his arrest.

“I don’t think the police will catch me at this point.” A few words that make you suspect an accomplice, or at least a potential accomplice.


Now, this month, the Civil Guard has launched a police deployment involving more than 60 agents, equipped with georadar, drones and sniffer dogs.

The tool means that a few days earlier, on October 17, more remains, a femur and a pelvic bone, were found in the same area.

The hypothesis police are considering is that the woman was murdered in Madrid, where she lived, and then the body was switched. The version of facts given by the prisoner is a consistent one.

The family always believed that their disappearance was not voluntary and that it was impossible for her to leave her two children behind.

At the time of her disappearance, the woman had left her documents, bag, bank card and all her belongings in her apartment. Apart from that, there was chaos in the house as if there was a fight.

Meanwhile, his partner at the time never contacted the family again.

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