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Flinken’s visit sparks new conflict between Duke and human rights watchdog on humanitarian situation in Colombia


20 October 2021 18:39 GMT

Vivango sent a letter to the US Secretary of State condemning the “deterioration” of human rights in the South American country, accusing the Colombian president of wanting to “put pressure” on the US official.

Jose Miguel Vivango, a spokesman for Human Rights Watch, sent a scathing letter to US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen condemning the harsh humanitarian situation in Colombia, just hours after a U.S. official arrived in Bogot, angered by the Colombian president, Ivan Duke.

During a press conference in Brazil on Tuesday, after visiting President Jair Bolsanaro, Duke Vivango accused him of liking “goodness,” “importance” and “first pages”, briefly touring Ecuador and Colombia before coming to Blinken this week.

“I hope the US Secretary of State, whom I have deep respect for, did not respond to anyone’s pressure. Here is the state-to-state relationship“, Said the Colombian president.

The reaction of the HRW director It didn’t take long To come. In a drill on his social networks, Vivango dismissed the Duke’s allegations and listed a list of “debate” issues he considered should be on the table between the two governments.

“President Ivan Duke is attacking me for my letter to Secretary Blingen. I am sorry for this debate. These topics should be: 1. Dangerous increase in violence by armed groups. Failed drug policyVivango insisted.

Blinken’s agenda and HRW’s petition

The announcement of the visit to Secretary of State Quito and Bogotப்பட்டது was officially announced last week, at sophisticated times for both countries, with an agenda focused on the fight against drug trafficking and migration.

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The White House has already made progress on issues to be discussed. “Promoting strong democratic governments Across the region, support for lasting peace and reconciliation, the fight against irregular migration and drug trafficking. ”

In this context, in view of the “situational criticism” going on in Colombia, the Colombian president sent a letter to Vivango “pressuring” Blinken during his visit, with the intention that he should be committed to improving the human rights situation in his country. Due to the increase in violence five years after the peace agreement.

“President Duke’s administration has pursued various misguided and dysfunctional policies, including drug policy, and there are Increase in abuses by armed groups“The HRW representative reads a letter to the Secretary of State, which provides alarming figures on the number of 450 community leaders since 2016; at least 25 were killed by civilian forces during brutal repression during the protests. In April and June this year, 76 massacres were documented in 2020; Increased migration by more than 50,000 people per month, other issues.

Vivango’s numbers and reviews were not well received by the Duke, who predicted that Blinken would not give himself a “game of media prominence” during his visit. In addition, he stressed that Washington’s priority in Bogota is related to immigration.

At this time, he was known as the American officer Coming up this Wednesday in Bogota Discuss “shared priorities” with the Duke and Chancellor and Vice President Marta Lucia Rameres, and participate in the Cabinet on Migration Issues, which addresses the situation of people in irregular administrative situations, particularly for the purpose of promoting safe, orderly human migration to vulnerable people under each country’s immigration law.

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On Thursday, Blinken will lead the high-level dialogue between the United States and Colombia, which aims to open a “dialogue on democracy and human rights with youth leaders and civil rights activists in one of the world’s most dangerous countries for defenders.” This year alone, that’s where they were Was murdered 136 activists.