May 25, 2024

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A three-meter wave surprised and battered bathers at the beach in Rio de Janeiro

A three-meter wave surprised and battered bathers at the beach in Rio de Janeiro

Dangerous Wave is missing many photo opportunities

A warm holiday at the beach was suddenly interrupted by a wave of about three meters, the events of a woman who was recording towards the sea were captured on camera, when suddenly the wave of water exceeded the limit and reached those who were there. Set up relatively far from the beach, with their personal belongings and minimal umbrellas.

By: The Herald

After the arrival of the tide, the occupants showed their discomfiture, rose from their resting-places, and hastened to collect all the wet or submerged things they could.

Heavy waves in Brazil

Although no injuries have been confirmed, there have been similar incidents in Brazil that left many people missing. On November 5, 2023, holidaymakers on LeBlanc beach were surprised by a giant wave that left 10 people missing, prompting the mobilization of authorities.

Photo: Featured

Events were somewhat predictable as the tides started to rise from 4:00 pm, which worried the tourists. Meanwhile, the fire department confirmed drowning cases without releasing exact figures.

Rio de Janeiro's Activity Center (COR) recommends that bathers avoid surf areas when waves are violent, while prohibiting practicing water sports, staying in ocean views, and riding on bicycle paths during these periods.

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