May 25, 2024

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This is the date when the sentence against Daniel Sancho will be read

This is the date when the sentence against Daniel Sancho will be read

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With the final argument of Daniel Sancho, who continues to declare himself not guilty, this crazy trial with constantly changing dates and actors ended. For example, until the last day, strange situations appeared. Today, before Daniel's closing statement, testimony is expected from a Thai chef who is expected to vouch that he can cut coconuts with serrated knives bought at kitchen supply stores. But in a humorous way, The man did not show up at the restaurant where he was working saying that his employer had not given him permission.. It was understood that Carmen Balfagan – among other defense witnesses – was not allowed to testify, and that the judge not only did not want to waste more time, but also focused on more serious matters than knowing. How is coconut cut?

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It became clear Next Thursday, August 29 at about ten o'clock in the morning -Obviously the last-minute change will not be surprising-, Daniel Sancho and his parents know what sentence he will receive: the death penalty, life imprisonment or, as Marcos García Montes says, a maximum of six years for reckless homicide, I hope to return to Spain in a year or two.

Yesterday, and as we reported in LA RAZÓN, The accused recounted his worst moments in response to the prosecutor's questions It, according to the leaks, seems to have done its job well. There were many contradictions in Sancho's capture, among them when asked if Edwin Arrieta had made several bank transfers from Colombia, he replied no. Then, on showing him the receipts, he admitted the truth. He also opined that he had no knowledge of the fact that he had stayed at Panviman Hotel several times.

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so be it, The trials are over and all we have to do is find out the punishment It falls on the son of Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo.