July 18, 2024

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What can be expected from the warning about the Russian military presence in Venezuela?

What can be expected from the warning about the Russian military presence in Venezuela?
Russian Venezuela
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Concerns are growing in the face of the Russian Foreign Minister’s statement. Sergei Lavrov, He pointed out on Thursday the possibility of sending troops and installing missiles in Venezuela and Cuba.

Russian Army in Venezuela

In that situation, the The Voice of America He consulted with analysts who say it is still difficult to determine whether Lavrov’s warning is possible or whether it is just a matter of debate.

Above all, he said, “over the years, opposition parties, academics and various organizations, especially those dedicated to security and human rights issues, have called into question the geopolitical alliance between Caracas and Moscow.” The Voice of America.

Rocio San Miguel, head of Citizen Control, said the Russian official’s statement was “regrettable”. He also affirms that Venezuela’s constitutional laws violate the law, which explicitly prohibits the establishment of foreign military bases.

Chan Miguel also considered the use of Venezuela and Cuba as tools of geopolitical threat to re-emerge as an imperialist posture historically condemned by Latin America.

In addition, he believes he called the announcement “a policy of microphones as a means of separating the differences between Washington and Moscow.”

“It could mean anything to Venezuela, from Russian troops to the presence of mercenaries. In Venezuela, we do not want a test by Russia in Africa. The Warner Group is giving Carde Blanche to independent foreign policy agents such as the private military firm Warner,” he said.

Venezuela already has a Russian army

For his part, analyst Andrei Serbin explained that there was already a Russian army in Venezuela, aimed at technical support for military equipment obtained by Chavismo.

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“Both the Armed Forces and the components of the National Police have a presence in the training area in the form of special forces units and military training contractors. He said.


He believed, however, that a direct confrontation between the United States and Russia would be “impossible” in the short term.

Nevertheless, he estimates that “using third parties to divert conflict in the style of the Cold War” could lead to a tense situation.

“In view of the growing Russian military presence in Venezuela and Cuba, the United States will begin to reconsider its strategy for the region, and in this strategy Latin America, in particular, may place greater emphasis on defensive capabilities. With his close allies,” he commented.


Serbin pointed out that the military position would reflect a “card in favor” of Russia at the potential negotiating table for the situation in Ukraine.

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