June 17, 2024

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Caracas is the company most affected by Govt disease

One year between protests and farewell to Govt-19 cases, Venezuelan medical staff before Govt.
On June 11, 2021, a nurse prepares a dose of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine at the Alpha Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo: EFE / Rayner Peña

Communications Minister Freddie Annes said on Friday night that 1,538 Govt cases had been registered in the country, 1,511 cases had been registered due to social outreach and 27 had been imported.

On your Twitter account He said social lawsuits are located in the following states: Caracas 442; Miranda 404; Julia 121; Aragua 112; Laura 80, among others.

Caracas presents the highest number of infections in its 22 parishes: Sucre 101; McCormack 47; St. John 47; Car 36; Altacracia 34, among others.

He explained that 11 of the 27 cases of imported govt were from Panama; 5 from Mexico; 5 from Chile; 4 from Italy, 1 from the Dominican Republic, 1 from Germany, all entering via La Guerra.

With the new data, a total of 452,430 confirmed cases have been reported in Venezuela, with 438,119 cured, which represents 97% of infections. There are 8,935 active cases, 7,845 being treated in the public health system and 1,090 in private clinics.

To date, there are 5,570 asymptomatic patients, 2,709 patients with mild to severe respiratory distress, 477 with moderate to severe respiratory distress and 179 with intensive care unit.

On the other hand, the deaths of 3 people reached 5,376: 1 77-year-old Caracas, 1 89-year-old Miranda and 1 84-year-old Julia. “Condolences to his family and relatives,” he wrote on the network.

I add: “We continue to urge people To get their booster vaccine, we reduce the serious risk of contracting the infection through the Omigron variant in this way. We will continue to use the successful formula: prevention, vaccination and timely medication.

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Govt patients

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