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Shanghai Hanging Gardens: China’s modern shopping mall is covered with 1,000 trees

Shanghai Hanging Gardens: China’s modern shopping mall is covered with 1,000 trees


14 ene 2022 15:54 GMT

There are 250,000 plants in the structure, which fall down the structures. It combines columns that act as ornamental pots planted with trees.

A few weeks ago, the first phase of the ‘1,000 Trees’ opened in the Chinese city of Shanghai, with a large commercial complex of 1,000 trees on its faade and by its appearance, comparable to the famous hanging garden. Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

It consists of a series of buildings designed to represent two mountains, for which the famous Chinese Huangshan Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, acted as a model. “This is a new hybrid-application development Two mountains covered by forests From the Shanghai Strait ” he said Heatherwick Studio in charge of the Design and Architecture Studio project this week.

Includes configuration 250,000 plants Waterfall through that structures. It integrates columns, which provide support and additionally act as decorative pots planted with trees. Inside each pillar is a hidden irrigation system that feeds the plants 70 species of trees For the project, says Architecture magazine Seas.

The so-called idea “Babylon’s Shanghai Hanging Gardens” It was created by British designer and architect Thomas Heatherwick and lasted eight years. The project is located in a cultural district in the center of the city, on the Wushong River (also known as the Sujo) and occupies a total area of ​​300,000 square meters, which is planned to include restaurants, museums, galleries and series. Historic elements and buildings intact in the center of the complex.

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According to Reported Local authorities have already begun construction of the second phase Tall structure with hanging gardens will be added. The ’boutique’ will open as a hotel and office building in two years. A closed bridge, a tunnel and a drop on the ground floor connect the two ‘mountains’.

“The planting technique brings significant net biodiversity to the site and helps to create its own microclimate. The planting approach is natural and natural to reduce the need for pruning and maintenance. Promotes biodiversity and natural change. The trees are locally sourced and most are evergreen to serve as a filter against winter pollution, ”says Heatherwick Studio.

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