May 25, 2024

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Spain: Pedro Sánchez to assess continuity in government after complaint against wife

Spain: Pedro Sánchez to assess continuity in government after complaint against wife

He will announce to the media whether he will step down on May 29.

The president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, suspended his official agenda this Wednesday and announced that he would evaluate the continuity of his administration after the complaints against his wife Becona Gomez.

“All these things I will continue to work on, but I will cancel my public agenda so that I can reflect and decide which path to take,” Sanchez wrote in a public letter shared on his X account (formerly Twitter).

As El Confidential reported this Monday, Sánchez's announcement comes hours after the Madrid court opened preliminary proceedings against Gomez, who signed public contracts and his relations with funded companies.

The complaint was filed by a far-right organization called Clean Hands, which defines itself as a union in its constitution, although no union activity is known.

“This attack is unprecedented, it is very serious and very bad. I have to stop and think with my wife. We often forget that there are people behind the politicians. And, I am not ashamed to say, I am deeply in love with my wife who lives without support in the mud every day,” he said. ' said.

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Sánchez justified his decision to notify the Spaniards in a letter, considering the “intensity of the attacks” he and his wife had received and the need for a “peaceful response”.

Likewise, the complaint by Manos Liminas – what he called an “extreme right-wing organization” – based on “incriminating information” spread by media from the same ideological spectrum was, according to him, denied.

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“We deny the falsehoods that have been revealed, and while Becona has taken legal action, we maintain that these same digital media are false information,” the letter said.

For Spain's president, the complaint and reaction of the main opposition leaders – Alberto Núñez Feijo of the conservative Popular Party and Santiago Abascal of the far-right Vox – were part of a “persecution and demolition operation”. All routes including private routes.

“I have to stop and think. I have to urgently answer the question of whether it is worth it, despite the mud that the right and the extreme right are trying to turn politics. “If I should continue as head of government or give up this high honor,” Sánchez insisted.

The answer to the question raised will be presented to the media on May 29.


A Spanish judge on Wednesday agreed to investigate corruption allegations made against Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's wife by a private group with a history of prosecuting primarily right-wing causes.

A Madrid-based court will consider the charges and either continue the investigation or dismiss it.

Begoña Gómez, 49, has not held public office and maintains a low political profile.

Clean Hands alleges that Gomez used her position to influence business deals. The court did not provide any further information in this regard and indicated that the investigation was under seal.

Clean Hands describes itself as a trade union, but its main function is as a platform for pursuing court cases.

Many are linked to right-wing causes. It operates as a “popular act,” a hallmark of Spanish law that allows individuals or entities to participate in certain criminal cases, even if they are not directly affected by the accused.

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Justice Minister Felix Bolaños said the new charges were “false”.

Asked if he thought the judiciary would work in parliament after the court's ruling, Sánchez replied: “On a day like today and after the news I learned, I still believe in the justice of my country”.