June 24, 2024

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Diaz-Colonel criticizes “Madrid ” miamization ” after the arrival of Junior Garcia.

Photo by Europa Press

The President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Connell, questioned the “reputation” of Spain’s playwright Jr. Garcia, the promoter of the November 15 protests, and confirmed the opposition’s support since he arrived in Europe. Playing words with the city of Florida, “shows the” mimicry “of Madrid.

Dias-Colonel In his closing remarks to the III full session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) he noted the recent protests in which he again criticized those who wanted a “social explosion”. The disruption plan has not yet stopped.

According to the plan, the “climax” should have taken place on November 15, but according to Diaz-Colonel, “this is the last day of the most rehearsed play, it will never be screened”, in a speech with dramatic metaphors and implicit references to Garcia.

He pointed out that in Spain, where Garcia arrived on November 17, he had “a certain reputation for being the” speaker of interrupted theatrical action “. Díaz-Canel has promised that the “employers” of this “mercenary” will try to use his version “by placing cameras and microphones on him” to deliver.

In what some analysts call Madrid ” miameration ‘, the Cuban president believes that “the far right in the old metropolis is competing with unpredictable anti-Cuban politicians in Miami,” he believes behind “this new drama season.” There is an option to recover.

In recent weeks, the Cuban opposition has demanded more political power from the EU, and even Guillermo Farinas and Bertha Solar, who have been recognized by the European Parliament’s Sakarov Prize for Freedom of Conscience, have threatened to drop the award if there is no change in the short term.

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