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Pedro called on Senator Pietro Cordoba to step down

Pedro called on Senator Pietro Cordoba to step down
Pedro called on Senator Pietro Cordoba to step down
President-elect Gustavo Pedro and Senator Pedro Cordoba. Photo: Personal file

President-elect Gustavo Pedro has called on Senator Pedro Cordoba to step down while resolving his legal situation, talking about the “generosity” that President Ivan Duke had with him during his visit to Gaza de Narino and sending a message of peace of mind to EcoPetrol. Partners.

The new head of state’s announcement was made in an interview with Cambio, in which he made a plan to change the extradition policy with the United States.

In the speech, the president-elect spoke about the legal situation experienced by Senator Pedro Cordoba of the historic treaty. Do you recommend not acquiring Peat? He was asked:

“Possession has judicial implications and serious constitutional laws. I will not talk about that. I will say yes. For an objective fact. There is a relationship with foreign justice that I cannot qualify for. So, even as a senator, he deserves to be excused, “he said.

He also shared details of his appointment with President Ivan Duke in Gaza de Narino. And he praised his “generosity” as a profoundly meaningful detail.

“I went to talk to the Duke, and that was the protocol. He was cool at first, but he became more human in conversation, and eventually he broke even the norms and took me to a corner of the palace. These two soldiers were on a sidewalk during independence and had a urn. Then he said to me: “I want to show you this.” So I went. I saw the casket, there was the sword of Bolivar, and we recovered it, “said Pedro.

Devotion Cordoba
President Ivan Duke and President-elect Gustavo Pedro. Photo: President of the Republic

“He knew what that sword meant to me. I had never had it, never. This is the first time I’ve seen her. It’s a symbol, a very valuable thing we had. Many of us do not understand this act, but it is a double generosity. No need to show up.I can take it and hold it back so I don’t have it.I don’t know if he fully understood what it means to return the sword to me.The sword belongs to the people.So, there must be generosity from power.If the leftists are arrogant, It becomes arrogant because it has achieved unprecedented successes, starting with me and isolating ourselves. If we isolate ourselves, they will bring us down, ”Pedro argued.

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The president-elect described the proposal for exploration and exploitation of oil and coal in the face of the stock market crash of the country’s leading company Ecopetrol.

“It’s a change, it’s a gradual process. The term change means gradual. They wanted to show that it’s August 8. It’s not. I had fewer votes from that hope. What is the impact on the short term? We have to manage our proven oil reserves. There are different dates. Dates depend on the amount of oil we export. If we export large quantities of oil, the reserves will not last. It measures time. Change is like a control lever. “

According to him, “All the world’s oil assets are declining. They blame me in Colombia for that, but I don’t blame them. What has been reported is a depressurization, a decrease in oil and gas demand. The market then devalues ​​oil assets. I hope this will be the world in decades, with the devaluation of oil assets.

He added: “By the way, I have to acknowledge that Duke started a project and involved Ecopetrol in the problem of creating solar farms. The government has already started the project. I proposed 3.6 gigabytes of solar power generation to replace the thermos. What I will do is expedite that plan.There is enormous potential to become one of the world’s solar power producers.So if you load Ecopretrol, not on oil, but on energy, the company will be the opposite of the company.Now, currencies are another sticky point. And coal, it does not change overnight.How to quickly convert oil coins to other different currencies?

When soon? Change asked him. “Soon it will be in my government. It will not be August 8. We will continue to export oil, and what, in my government, will be exporting more coal, paradoxically. Why? The Germans are demanding more coal because of the Ukraine war and the Europeans are going to demand more coal. This is interesting for my government. But it will not be like that in ten more years .In these four years I have to prepare the country, I know what’s coming, those mines are going to be closed, not Petro, once the nuclear power plants in Europe are operational, the world will close those mines. The proposal is for tourism and the resumption of food production in Colombia, at $ 1,000 per tourist, you can do the math. If there is no peace, tourism will not explode.

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In that interview, Pedro said he hopes to negotiate a tool to hand over to the United States.

“Propose. Because this is a bilateral agreement, then there are two, just like every marriage,” he said. In other words, repeated by processes of peaceful elimination of drug trafficking.

He also said that he believes in having very good relations with all sections of the community. Among them were his political opponents, such as Alvaro Europe and the Armed Forces.

“The goal is to create a new political environment. We must fight the sectarianism of the right and the sectarianism of the left, because that is polarization. This does not mean that there are no differences, but rather that these differences are not spread by sectarianism. Because sectarianism leads to violence in Colombia. What we have achieved is that Alvaro has a conversation already planned with Eurip Veles, another conversation with Rodolfo Hernandez, basically because I want to create an environment that calls for peace and dialogue without consensus. Not going to be in a human society. If a year goes by and nothing happens, the government starts to turn upside down and the possibility of reforms is canceled and change becomes an illusion, ”Pedro said.

“The soldier and the police officer are living badly. And so are their families. So, what is the priority of the reform?

He also expressed his hope for a return to comprehensive relations with Venezuela. “Relations need to be normalized. This is because we have been here for many years and there are many issues. My main concern is the border. There is a strong illegality, very strong. There are some real possibilities. Cúcuta is not an Andean city far from the sea. Cúcuta A seaside city, an hour from the sea, on the other hand, is the sea, so how can we not use it to industrialize the territory? Said.

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In the second presidential round, Gustavo Pedro received 50.4 percent of the vote. Photo: Mauricio Moreno. Time

He promised a tax reform this year, which he described as “ambitious”. “It’s almost too ambitious. If one looks at George Carey’s study that helps us, he’s even raising the revenue rankings to $ 75 billion a year. Already has that order or higher order.What’s happening, it’s a debate, is that the OECD supports the tax on individuals more than the tax on companies, but because it is higher than the Colombian average, they tax a lot on personal property and do not tax companies, which is where production takes place. “Tax reform must be put forward this year,” Pedro explained..

He reiterated that his plan for a government beginning this August 7 would be to adapt to the bourgeois model, surprising left-wing friends:

“I think my friends are ashamed of the left, but I said in the speech, because even from a leftist perspective, a society develops and progresses by its productive forces. It only advances towards the law and its other means of production. Is a great stimulus.Now, that capitalism will be democratic and organized.What against it? Facing the environment, human dignity at work.Our economy was in a bad state.Half of the people have practically no economic solutions, they are looking for them, but there is no possibility of economic opportunity. , Cultivating capitalism in a certain way is against old slavery, against many old and genuine mental feudal lords, for example, in relation to land, without producing it, holding land to possess it. Feudalism, not capitalism, ”he said.

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