March 22, 2023

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Ukraine announces withdrawal of troops from Chevrolet Donetsk

Sergei Haidai, the Ukrainian head of the Lukansk military administration, announced this Saturday that he was withdrawing troops still maintaining positions in the city of Chevrodonetsk in the Lukansk province (on the Donbass Basin in the east of the country).

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Russia captured ten cities in Lukansk

121 days after the start of the Russo-Ukrainian armed conflict, the abandonment of the Serverdonetsk region is the biggest setback for Ukraine since the loss of the port of Mariupol last May.

Connected by several bridges over the Donetsk River, and still in the hands of Ukrainian troops, the next possible military objective is to set up a field for the advance of Russian armed forces over the only part of the province, Lisyansk.

Regarding the withdrawal, Haidoi revealed on his account on the Telegram platform, “Unfortunately, we have to withdraw our troops from Severotnetsk because it does not make sense to continue in broken positions: the death toll is rising.”

The senior official added that “Severdonetsk’s defenders are fighting for new positions, new fortified territories, from there, normally and completely, and inflicting damage on the enemy.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky recently distanced himself from the fact that, in many respects, the fate of the Donbass was decided in Severdonetsk.

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For its part, the Kremlin announced this Friday that the last five Russian troops had taken control of ten cities in the Lukansk region, including Loskutovka, Pidlisne, Myrna Dolyna, Shchebkarier, Vrubivka, Nyrkove, Mykolayivka, Novoivanovka. , Ustynivka and Rai. -Oleksandrivka.

Its spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, explained that “a group of Ukrainian troops is completely blocked in the Hirsch and Solot settlements”; In particular, the four Ukrainian battalions, in total, “detained up to 2,000. 80 mercenaries”.

Following the capture of Chevrolet Donetsk, the Russian army is estimated to control 95 percent of Luhansk province and half of Donetsk.