August 19, 2022

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Four died and hundreds were injured in the fall of the bullpen

Tragedy in Colombia due to landslide

Espinale, in Colombia, lived a tragedy this Sunday in the municipality of Dolima, when several boxes collapsed in the square where choreographies were held to celebrate the festivities of San Pedro.

Videos and cameras recorded the moment the boxes in the guadua (a type of bamboo) and tree collapsed, causing many to be injured, broken and maimed.

At this time, authorities have not released statistics on the number of injured, but say 500 people have been affected.

The Dolima’s Civil Defense He pointed out that children, women, men and the elderly were also among those injured in the incident and that nine people had been injured the previous day.

Tragedy in Colombia

For its part, Gustav Pedro, Colombia’s president, who will take office on August 7, was one of the first to react.

He wrote through his Twitter account: “I hope all the people affected by the Plaza de L’Espinal collapse can recover from their injuries. This has already happened in Cincinnati. I urge mayors not to allow too many shows with human or animal deaths.

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