May 23, 2024

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A Venezuelan chef kills his boss because he finds out he stole it

During interrogation, he stated that he had killed his employer so that he would not be betrayed. Photo: Courtesy of Popular

Name is a Venezuelan chef Elias Ramon was arrested in Medina Morales in Peru For taking the life of a natural Chinese merchant named Tang Wei Hong. The murder was recorded at the restaurant Jing Wang, located in Ankash Shred.

According to the information Peru National Police, Medina Morales He worked for Tang Wei Hong and was killed when he stole money from a sale the previous day.

To destroy his tracks, Elias Ramon set fire to the premises. When firefighters put out the fire, they found Tang Wei Hong’s body with a deep wound in the neck.

Officers reviewed security cameras and determined that the restaurant staff had finally left the premises before the fire broke out with two plastic bags and a cook in tow.

The National Police, through the Trincomalee Murder Investigation Unit, arrested the man c.alle Los Ébanos, in El Agustino, reviewed the popularity of Peru.

When he was examined, he had two cuts on his left thumb, one on his left forearm, and one on his right neck. Also, there was blood on their clothes.

When questioned, he said he killed his boss so as not to betray himself and set fire to the premises in an attempt to destroy evidence related to the crime.

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