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Beijing summons Japanese ambassador after Shinzo Abe’s comments on Taiwan “openly question Chinese sovereignty”


2d 2021 02:58 GMT

Earlier, Japan’s former prime minister announced that his country, the United States, would not be idle if the Asian giant attacked Taiwan.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Summoned This Wednesday night To the Japanese Ambassador in Beijing Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called for an “emergency meeting” following China’s invasion of Taiwan, saying his country and the United States could not be idle.

During a meeting with Ambassador Shu Hideo, Abe’s statements were described as “false” and violated the basic rules of relations between Beijing and Tokyo, according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry. China quoted by Reuters.

The senior official quoted Abe as saying, “China’s sovereignty has been openly challenged And they shamelessly supported the independence forces in Taiwan. “China strongly opposes this,” the ministry stressed, adding that Hua gave “tough representations” to Japan.

Emergency in Taiwan Urgency for Japan-US alliance. “

Earlier this Wednesday, Abe Underlined During a forum organized by the Taiwan National Policy Research Institute, the armed invasion of the island of China posed a serious threat to Japan.

Emergency in Taiwan is a Japanese emergency Hence the urgency for the Japan-US alliance. The people of Beijing, and especially President Xi Jinping, should never be misled into acknowledging this. “

As Sino-Japanese relations move forward, the former Japanese Prime Minister noted that his country needs to move forward with its relations with China, while at the same time asserting what its vast neighbor can say. “All people who believe in Japan, Taiwan and democracy must continue to urge President Xi Jinping and other leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. Do not go the wrong way“, He pointed out.

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He said Japan and Taiwan should work together to protect freedom and democracy. “Even a strong Taiwan, a prosperous Taiwan and a Taiwan that guarantees freedom and human rights. Japan interests. Of course, this is of interest to everyone, “he concluded.