June 24, 2024

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Twitter deleted 277 accounts used to spread Venezuelan government propaganda

Deleting Twitter accounts

On Thursday, December 2, Twitter announced that it had deleted 277 Venezuelan accounts used to campaign in support of Nicolas Maduro’s government.

“We have removed the network of 277 Venezuelan accounts that have expanded accounts, hashtags and headlines in support of the government and its official statements,” the site said in a statement. Official Blog.

These accounts are out of a total of 3,465 accounts, covering eight different operations that account for six countries: Mexico, the People’s Republic of China, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda and Venezuela.

“In most cases, the accounts have been suspended for various violations of our site’s spam and tampering policies,” he said.

The Red Community He also pointed out that the Twitter Patria processor used by people to access and program accounts has also been suspended in order to maintain pro-government tendencies.

The information points out that “we have suspended the Twitter Battery application, a group of account holders who take advantage of it and manage it, and a series of similar applications.”

Twitter has shared the data of these deletions with three companies mentioned for investigations into the misuse of social media: the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy (ASPI), Fake News Hunters and the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO). .

“We believe we have a responsibility to preserve the integrity of public discourse and to provide meaningful transparency about our findings. Disclosure of these datasets is critical to that task,” the company said.

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