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Russian embassy in US urges Kiev to end “frenzy” and not to encourage “new provocations” in Donbass

Russian embassy in US urges Kiev to end “frenzy” and not to encourage “new provocations” in Donbass


19 ene 2022 01:51 GMT

Russia’s diplomatic mission has called for an end to tensions around the Donbass issue in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian embassy in Washington has responded to recent statements by senior US government officials that Moscow has promised to invade Ukraine at any time, even from neighboring Belarus, and reiterated that “Russia does not plan to attack anyone.” Troops move on their own soil is their “Sovereignty“.

“We urge you to stop the frenzy and not to escalate tensions around the Donbass issue, and most importantly, not to encourage ‘hot heads’ in Kiev to provoke further,” the embassy wrote on its Twitter account. Facebook.

Russian diplomats added that if the United States truly adheres to its diplomatic efforts to resolve the Ukrainian civil conflict, it must “abandon its plans to supply.” New block weapons To the Armed Forces of Ukraine “.

“Instead, Washington should use its influence over the Ukrainian government to stop sabotaging the Minsk agreements,” the Russian embassy said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated after meeting with his German counterpart Annalena on Tuesday that Moscow had not created and created a new climate of conflict around Ukraine and did not threaten anyone.

Please respond to comments made by the German diplomat 100,000 Russian soldiers Ukraine, parked near the Lavrov border Insisted Moscow cannot accept requests from abroad about military operations being carried out in its national territory.

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“We have explained that we cannot accept any request regarding our armed forces On our own soil“, He announced.