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They have found carcinogenic content in more than 95% of coffee samples on the Hong Kong market.


19 ene 2022 13:18 GMT

The control system tested 49 types of coffee and found carcinogenic acrylamide in 47 of them, which are produced by lowering the sugars in the diet at high temperatures.

The Hong Kong Consumer Council has found that more than 95% of the analyzed samples of coffee available in the local market contain carcinogens. Reports South China Morning Post.

Control system that monitors the interests of consumers Tests on 49 types of coffee One in 47 of them was diagnosed with a genetically toxic cancer. Acrylamide, It is produced from free amino acids and by lowering the sugars in the diet at high temperatures.

The experiments were performed on samples of coffee beans, capsules, and powder Instant coffee, The latter included Maximum percentage of pollution, 160 to 790 micrograms per kilogram, while acrylamide was found to be 53 to 240 micrograms in other varieties.

Swiss company Nestlவின்’s tasters Choice varieties were found to have the highest levels, and its spokespersons said their products comply with current regulations in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. Company.

Only two products, OPAL Coffee and Coffee Academics’ TCA House Blend, showed no sign of cancer. Can prevent the formation of the said substance At various stages of coffee production, “from raw material selection to roasting and processing,” said Nora Tom Fung-yi, chair of the council’s research and testing team.

In addition, the scientist pointed out, currently, in Hong Kong There is no guideline to control acrylamide levels In the diet.

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“Consumers need to know how much and how often they drink coffee to reduce acrylamide intake,” Tom said.