July 18, 2024

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I focus on dealing with the situation in Venezuela

I focus on dealing with the situation in Venezuela
Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden. Photo: EFE

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, promised this Wednesday that Latin America is not his country’s backyard, but forward. He also said he would spend more time dealing with foreign policy for those countries, but above all focused on the issue of Venezuela.

Biden on Maduro

The US president said he was currently spending a lot of time “talking and trying” on the policy of Nicolas Maduro, whom he described as a “dictator”.

He also pointed out that he devotes time to Chile and Argentina, although he makes it clear: “These are not like Venezuela.”

Latin America

“We’ve talked about America’s backyard when I was in college, but I think it’s not America’s backyard, America’s front yard south of the Mexican border. We are equal human beings.” Biden made the remarks at a news conference ahead of his first term in office on Thursday.

He promised that Washington would not dictate what was happening in other parts of the continent.

“The problem we have had in the last four years is that we have had great difficulty in correcting the mistakes we have made, and it will take some time.

However, Biden did not respond to a reporter’s question about when he was leaving for Latin America.

Biden, on the other hand, slammed his predecessor Donald Trump (2017-2021) for not mentioning his name for the “great damage” he had done to the region by his foreign policy.

Although some Central American countries were not invited to the meeting, he stressed that one of the measures adopted by the new government was to hold the Democratic Summit.

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Biden also spoke about immigration, pointing out that people are leaving their homes in Central America and moving to the United States “because they have real problems.”

In this regard, he spoke about his achievements when he was Vice President of Barack Obama (2009-2017) and recalled that he worked to provide billions of dollars to the diaspora.

For now, because of the tight democratic majority in Congress, Biden has failed to carry out the major immigration reform he promised.

In addition, during the first months of his administration, he faced a crisis at the border with the arrival of undocumented immigrant registration numbers.

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