October 3, 2023

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They are demanding that the crew of the detained Venezuelan flight be questioned

They complained to investigate the crew of the Venezuelan plane that was captured in Argentina
They complained to investigate the crew of the Venezuelan plane that was captured in Argentina

The controversy over the immovable Venezuelan plane in Ezeiza (Argentina) continues, in which five Iranians traveled with a plane manifesto containing irregularities, and Duget for Change delegates sued the court to investigate. Meanwhile, Judicial Attorney Rafael Resnick Brenner’s objection was settled, and the plane was released.

“Together with Deputy Ricardo Lopez Murphy, we have already filed a complaint before Federal Judge Federico Villanas.

The presentation was made under the auspices of lawyers María Eugenia Talerico and Yamil Santoro, with the aim of exploring the identity and background of those on board the plane.

Patricia Fulrich, a pro-response agent and former Secretary of Homeland Security during the Macrista administration, had already made other complaints about the plane. “We request the government to provide clear information on the contradictory behavior of the aircraft that flew over our border while the transponder was turned off. Is this an official flight or a private flight? Why did he not want to find out? We have a Venezuelan plane of Iranian descent and our country has an arrest warrant from the United States. This is very serious, ”the legislator complained on Twitter.

The plane carrying 14 Venezuelans, five of these Iranian citizens, landed at Ezeiza Airport with spare parts for a car factory and was approached by authorities due to a paper problem: The group had seven names of Iranians. Report, but only five people on board.

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But that’s not all. Local investigators have received information that these individuals may have links to the Goods Force, which has been classified by the United States as terrorists and has had an international search and arrest warrant since 1994 for attacks on the AMIA in Argentina.

In addition, the aircraft, which has been in operation since January for the cargo division of Venezuelan company Conviasa’s Emtrasur Cargo, has actually been used by the Iranian company Mahan Air for the past 15 years, which was approved by the United States. The airline is the logistics division of Qutb.

Now the companies do not want to supply the fuel so that it can reach Caracas because they want to avoid the penalties for providing that company.

Meanwhile, a habeas corpus in support of the group members was filed in the federal court of Lomas de Zamora by Federico Villana in charge by Resnick Brenner. In that document, the lawyer is ordered to refuel immediately and demand that the plane be returned. The lawyer said that there was an illegal impact on the freedom of those who arrived on that flight and that they could now leave the country only on a regular flight..

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