June 25, 2024

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President Ordega asks for approval for Russian troops to enter Nicaragua | News

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega on Saturday asked the National Assembly to approve a decree authorizing the entry of Russian troops into joint exercises for humanitarian aid and drug trafficking.

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Daniel Ortega has asked parliament to provide “urgent procedure” for his presidential decree, which will be approved as soon as possible.

The initiative was added to be discussed and approved at next Tuesday’s session, thanks to a parliamentary majority.

At the request of the President of Nicaragua, in addition to military personnel, foreign ships and aircraft were also included.

The decree, published this week in the official newspaper La Gaceta, authorizes the entry of Russian military personnel on a “rotating basis” to participate in “experiences, training exercises and humanitarian relief operations” with members of the Nicaraguan Army.

With that in mind, the Nicaraguan leader is urging Russia and its allies to ensure the withdrawal of the Nicaraguan military.

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By the same token, President Ortega said that for six months, starting next July, ships and aircraft of the Venezuelan Armed Forces would carry out the same operations in Russia.

He also authorized the entry of veterans from Cuba and Mexico who would take part in “transactions and humanitarian work” with those in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is one of Russia’s allies in Central America, a country that has strengthened political and cooperative ties against US sanctions.