May 23, 2024

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Why did Russia finally invade Ukraine?

Will US send troops to Ukraine? Thus said Joe Biden. China may be watching the situation in Ukraine with one eye on Taiwan. This is what you need to know to start this day. True at first.


Why did Russia finally invade Ukraine?

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have been escalating for months, with more than 150,000 soldiers stationed at armored vehicles on the border, and reports of gunfire between Ukrainians and pro-Russian rebels in the Donbass region, Moscow finally invaded: Thursday announced. Initiation of special military operations in Ukraine. The situation has political, historical and strategic margins. This is the view of each of them.


Will US send troops to Ukraine? Thus said Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden has warned that the US will have to pay the price for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Fuel prices are likely to rise. But Biden is very clear on another point: US troops will not be sent to Ukraine to take part in the conflict.

The United States is preparing for possible Russian cyber attacks 1:01


Ukraine orders general military mobilization

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has ordered a general military mobilization. In a statement signed late Thursday, Zhelensky said that “to ensure the security of the state, to maintain war readiness and mobilization of the Ukrainian armed forces and other military organizations.” A public mobilization has been ordered, including in the capital Kiev and all major cities in Ukraine. Zhelensky said Russian “sabotage groups” had entered the capital and he believed he was the “No. 1 target.”

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The Ukrainians use the tunnel as a shelter 3:44


Russia’s allies and which of Ukraine’s?

Air strike sirens sounded in Ukraine for the first time since World War II on Thursday, after Russia announced a “special military operation” in its territory after months of tensions in anticipation of an invasion. But who are the allies that each party has in the face of this invasion?


China may be keeping an eye on Taiwan’s situation in Ukraine

As the world’s attention has focused on the growing crisis between Russia and Ukraine, the focus has shifted to Taiwan on the other side of the world. At first glance, there may be parallels: Taiwan and Ukraine are both pro-Western democracies. Whose Current status It can be disrupted by powerful dictatorships. Analysis.

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How to help people in Ukraine

Concern is growing for the public and families as a major humanitarian crisis looms. Companies around the world are based in Ukraine Neighbors to help those in need of shelter, food, water and more.

The picture shows the empty airspace on its border with Ukraine and Russia

Air surveillance websites report that Ukraine’s airspace and its border with Russia are empty Severe air traffic passes through the area.

This is how the Ukrainians survived the invasion 1:27

Oreo maker and Coca Cola bottle closed in Ukraine

Several companies, including Mandalay and a Coca-Cola bottler, have stopped or limited production in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. Find out which companies have suspended operations there.

These companies have ceased to operate in Ukraine 1:00
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UEFA eliminated St. Petersburg in the Champions League final

The UEFA executive committee held an extraordinary meeting on Friday “following the escalation of the security situation in Europe” and announced that Paris would replace the Russian city of St. Petersburg as the venue for the UEFA Champions League final. Champions League.

NASA presents the Millionaire Prize in its lunar energy competition

NASA invites you to take part in a competition to design and build a prototype that will help Transfer of lunar energy and its storage.

NASA is offering a $ 1 million prize in its lunar energy competition 1:22

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky on Thursday night, according to preliminary figures, 137 Ukrainian soldiers have died since the start of the Russian invasion On Thursday morning, another 316 players were injured.

Today’s philosophy

“Putin is an aggressor. Putin chose this war. Now he and his country will face the consequences.

Biden imposed additional sanctions on Russia For the invasion of Ukraine.

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Pokemon GO Tour arrives in Mexico with an event at Park Fundadora in Monterrey

Pokémon GO Tour in Mexico: Tickets, prices and suggestions for event attendees.

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Young Ukrainian couples are accelerating their marriage as Russia invades their country

After Russia invaded Ukraine early Thursday morning, the Ukrainians left the country to get basic supplies. And unite in marriage.

The Ukrainian couple got married after the Russian invasions 1:42