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The EU guarantees that its second embargo will affect 70% of the banking market and major state-owned enterprises in Russia.


25 February 2022 01:45 GMT

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen pointed out that these measures would have an impact on companies in the defense sector as well.

EU leaders agreed at an emergency summit on Friday to impose new sanctions on Moscow following the start of a military operation by Moscow to defend the Donbass.

Ursula van der Leyen, President of the European Commission Announced These second obstacles from the block Affects 70% of the banking market And major state-owned enterprises in Russia, including the Department of Defense “.

Politician at a press conference, sanctions restrict Moscow’s access to financial markets. Russia’s debt costs will rise And raise inflation in the country.

Further, the senior official said that these activities are targeted Russian Energy Department, “A key economic sector that particularly benefits the Russian state.” “Our export embargo will affect the oil sector by preventing Russia from upgrading its refineries,” he said.

Similarly, Van der Leyen said the community block Prohibits the sale of all types of aircraft And equipment for Russian airlines.

Other action includes Restricts Russia’s access to critical technologySuch as semiconductors or sophisticated software, the officer revealed.

The President of the European Commission, finally, Issuance of visa will be restricted. “Diplomats and related groups and businesses will no longer have privileged access to the EU,” he added.

“Tonight’s set of massive and selective sanctions shows how united the EU is,” he stressed on his Twitter account.

  • This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday “A special military operation” to protect Donbass. In a special message to Russian citizens, the president explained that the purpose of the move was “to protect people who have been abused and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years.”
  • Russian Ministry of Defense Promised Russian armed forces have not targeted Ukrainian military infrastructure and attacked surrendered troops or civilians.
  • For their part, as many countries United StatesThe United Kingdom, Canada And Japan They announced new sanctions against the big banks and corporations and against Russia’s political and financial elite.
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In our update you can follow the development of Russian action to protect Donbass Minute by minute.