February 28, 2024

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Russia wants to start talks with Ukraine in Minsk | News

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to send a Russian delegation to the Belarusian capital, Minsk, to begin talks with the Ukrainian side.

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Russia proposes to start talks with Ukraine

According to the spokesman, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko “assures Putin that Minsk is ready to create all the necessary conditions for the negotiation process between Russia and Ukraine.”

In response, Pesco said Russia was ready to send its delegation to Minsk for talks with Ukraine.

In this sense, the spokesman said: “As you know, today the President of Ukraine, Zelensky, announced his intention to discuss the neutrality of Ukraine. “.

Because of this, Peskov celebrated the proposal as “an integral part of the neutrality of status,” and pointed out that the panel would include representatives from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs and the Presidential Administration.

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ukrainian President Vladimir, Russia and Ukraine on Friday passed proposals to negotiate a halt to the special military operation launched by Moscow to protect the people of the Donbass. Zhelensky.

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The previous day, Russian President Vladimir Putin had announced such a special military operation. He promised that there would be no occupation of Ukraine in Moscow’s plans, but he called for militarization and militarization.

In response, Western powers launched a series of sanctions against Moscow, calling for a halt to operations.