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“President already legalizes marijuana”: A worker’s unexpected response to a journalist covering the oil spill in Peru (video)


25 ene 2022 17:15 GMT

The reporter was angry at the disaster, but was shocked by the reaction of his interviewer.

In the midst of the disaster caused by the Repsol oil company in the Peruvian district of Ventanilla, a journalist was surprised by the reaction of one of the workers engaged in cleaning the beach and the moment went viral.

For a while Transmission method Live, a reporter for the digital portal Arriba Peru, approached cleaning workers at the Caverns beach, most affected by the oil spill, to ask for their opinion on the environmental catastrophe looming in the area. “Damn Repsol, why did you come to do us so much harm, Gentlemen?”Listens to the spokesperson.

“Sir, how are you? Good morning, I do not know if you can talk because I know many servants do not speak. But we are all Peruvians, we are all affected. What is your position on this?“The reporter continues before approaching one of the workers wearing a uniform, hat and face mask. But despite the confusing questions, the worker calmly answers:” The president has already legalized cannabis, really “.

With visible sadness, the journalist asked the worker again: “Sir, do you know what you are talking about? What is your name?” Look at the nonsense this man is talking about!“.

The man refused to give his name and left the reporter to continue his work without saying a word about the leak in the area. The piece of exchange was widely circulated on social media under a tweet: “Imagine living in Switzerland, this is missing.”

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Beyond the hilarious episode, the hiring of cleaners takes place in the midst of the catastrophe caused by the reps. 6,000 barrels oil spill. Saturday, the government of Pedro Castillo Announced “Environmental Emergency” for 90 days.

The Spanish company has confirmed that a submarine erupted on January 15 off the coast of Ventanilla District due to “hostile waves” following a volcanic eruption near the Tonga archipelago. Transferred the crude unloading process from the ship Mare Dorium to the La Pampilla refinery operated by Repsol.

Repsol acknowledged that there were “bugs” in managing the disaster and that they “did not know” what happened until the hydrocarbons reached the shores. The company has promised Peak Cleaning up the beaches in February is yet to determine how the marine environment will be affected and what environmental and economic impact the event will have.