May 23, 2024

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Why Biden’s popularity in the United States has plummeted and what role Trump is playing in the Republican recovery

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Biden’s popularity has plummeted.

It seems like his lowest hour since Joe Biden arrived at the White House a year later.

The fall in popularity and the victory of the Republican candidate in the Virginia gubernatorial election have caused alarm among the president and his followers.

In the state of New Jersey, Democrat Governor Bill Murphy received less results than expected, although the media portrayed him as the winner of the re-election.

One year after the midterm elections (to be held on November 8, 2022), Congress will be renewed, in which the Democrats now have a slim majority. Republicans are showing signs of recovery.

Former President Donald Trump is fully engaged in politics and is happy to run again in the presidential election at the end of 2024.

Experts agree that it has to go a long way and can reverse trends, but the reality today is that Biden is losing steam.

whats going on

Polls have warned that Biden’s popularity has been declining in recent months, reaching 51% in early November.

This trend has been confirmed by the unpredictable victory of Republican Glenn Young in Virginia, the state where Biden clearly won the presidential election a year ago, and Murphy’s defection from the Democrats in New Jersey.

According to BBC North America correspondent Anthony Sacher “Politics in the United States follows a familiar pattern”.

This has already happened to Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Trump, and during the second term of George W. Bush.

Biden is now experiencing the effects of that division The Democrats in Congress are paying the price for their lack of agreement To recognize its star proposals: various spending packages for social services, the fight against climate change and billions of dollars worth of infrastructure.

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Democrats have failed to accept Biden’s big promises in Congress.

While the most radical Democratic Congressmen consider this to be insufficient, other moderates reject it as exaggerated, and in that tug-of-war the effort has stagnated for months.

This Added is the memory of the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan In August. Opinion polls show that public opinion has suspended the withdrawal of the Biden administration.

What about Trump and the Republicans

Ten months after Trump supporters attacked Washington, D.C. Capital, Republicans have regained support from voters to prevent Biden’s declaration and the corruption that followed.

Trump, who has not stopped insisting that Biden’s election is “a robbery” without proof, continues to be in the political arena, flirting with the idea of ​​running for president again in 2024.

Only a handful of Republicans have dared to publicly break with the former president, perhaps for fear of upsetting his constituents.

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Glenn Young of the Republican Party in Virginia was surprised by the victory.

Aside from appearing with Trump in his successful campaign to become governor of Virginia, Young focused on criticizing Biden’s administration, particularly on the weaker growth of the economy and the problems that show higher inflation than expected, and on defending parental rights. About the education of their children.

Without the former president being a key partner in the campaign, Democrats have had a difficult time mobilizing the many voters who rejected the controversial New York mogul.

Says BBC journalist Tara McKelveyHe relied on Young’s law and order program and opposed forced masks, Echoing the messages Trump used, but kept his distance from him. He appealed to voters who like Trump’s position but are embarrassed by his image.

McKelvey hopes this will become a recipe that will be repeated by other Republican candidates. “His victory will probably lead to other conservatives in the interim election campaign.”

It will be “El Quion de Trump sin Trump“.

What can happen now

The election, determined by Congress, is one year away and it is still a long time before the new race for the White House begins.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for the party that currently holds the presidency to suffer from the low turnout that usually occurs in undecided who is the leader.

There are those who demand that Biden reach an agreement once and for all in Congress to recognize the measures he promised his constituents.

Zurcher believes that “the bad omens of by-election defeat will unleash panic among Democrat Congressmen and perhaps push them into action,” so that the president and his party’s candidates have something to sell to voters.

They have no choice but to retain a minimum parliamentary majority.

Image source, Reuters


Donald Trump flirts with the idea of ​​returning to the White House.

Trump, meanwhile, will closely follow each other and weigh his options for running again. Other Republicans will study their course to challenge him in the primary.

There are many unknowns and very few confirmations. Only one, perhaps, it is, as Zurcher says, “America has been and continues to be a highly polarized and politically divided country.”, And “there is no permanent government majority.”

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