June 16, 2024

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Country in America to Surpass China and Russia as World's Largest Military by 2024 | Global Firepower | USA | Navy | lrtmus | Global Firepower (GFP) | the world

Country in America to Surpass China and Russia as World's Largest Military by 2024 |  Global Firepower |  USA |  Navy |  lrtmus |  Global Firepower (GFP) |  the world

According to the Global FirePower (GFP) portal, the United States has the most powerful military in the world. Photo: LR Composite/Jasmin Seras/Freepik/Today's Army

Classified as, an American nation was able to stand out in the world More military power. As well as surpassing Russia, China and other countries, in an environment where military and naval superiority is a symbol of power and global influence. Classification prepared Global Firepower (GFP) It is based on an analysis of several factors, among which the number of weapons stands out. and military reserves That is in this country.

Which American country has the largest military force in the world?

The country of America It has a huge size military force In the world, it surpasses other powers America. According to the report Global Firepower (GFP), the Pwrlndx index for the North American country is 0.0699 (where a score of 0.0000 is considered 'correct'). This country is ranked number one 145 countries evaluated.

American soldiers carrying themselves for a mission. Photo: US Navy

America It has topped the charts for 18 consecutive years. Additionally, it has 189,500 allottees Our army, according to the warpowerus web portal. In this way, it is considered one of the largest in the region and in the world.

Likewise, the country with the 'stars and stripes' has a budget allocated to modernize and renew military equipment, allowing it to have large technological and weapons systems. According to the decree approved by United States CongressThe defense budget is $886 billion by 2024.

America has established itself as the largest military power in the world. Photo: Global Firepower

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How many military bases does the US have around the world?

Located in North America Military bases spread all over the world. According to a report from Journal of Conflict Management and Peace Science, has about 750 military bases and installations in more than 80 countries. 52% of total US sites are located in Europe and 28% correspond to total sites abroad.

The United States has military bases in various parts of the world. Photo: AFP

Germany It is positioned as one of the European countries with the highest number of US military bases, specifically 40. In this regard, Rammstein It is huge in terms of military personnel as it has more than 50 thousand soldiers. However, this European country is not the largest in the world.

One of the countries with the largest number of US military personnel Japan. According to the report world order, the country of the 'rising sun' has more than 53,000 North American soldiers and 32 military bases. An existence after America World War IIBy defeating the Asian nation in a blast Hiroshima And Nagasaki. Precisely, there was one of the bloodiest battles Okinawa Archipelago.

Throughout history, the United States has built military bases around the world to demonstrate its military prowess. Photo: elordenmundial.com

How much does a soldier earn in the US?

A salary Soldier in America This varies depending on their rank, years of service and any bonuses or special assignments they may receive. However, to give a general idea, according to the website guiaenusa.com, the base pay of a soldier in the lowest rank (E-1) is US Army It was $2,017.20 a month in 2024. As a soldier progresses in his career and rises in rank, his salary increases. In addition, they may receive benefits such as free housing or housing allowances, medical assistance and other military benefits.

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How are the US Armed Forces formed?

The United States Armed Forces They consist of the following six branches:

  • US Air Force
  • US Army
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Marine Corps
  • US Navy
  • US Space Force

The United States National Guard is an all-volunteer reserve force. Image: Carlos Jasso/ Reuters

Know the 3 Safest Countries in Latin America: It's Not Panama or Paraguay

Maintaining peace is essential to the development of a country and the progress of its economy, as it promotes respect for rights and improves the quality of life of its people. He Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), through its Global Peace Index (GPI). Published annually, it has revealed the most peaceful countries and provided an analysis of countries with the greatest potential for strengthening in this regard. What are the 3 safest countries in Latin America?

In the regional assessment, 12 countries are categorized and stand out among them Uruguay, Argentina and Chile In Latin America, in that order, respectively, the most peaceful. On the other hand, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela are positioned as the most violent countries this year.

The US military is one of the most powerful in the world. Photo: France 24

Which countries do not have an army in the US?

Costa Rica It is a country in the United States that has provided military for more than 70 years. This decisive change occurred in 1948, after a civil war rocked the country, leading to the weakening and eventual disbandment of its national military forces.

On the other hand, should Panama The same is happening to it, as its constitution has prohibited it from having a military force since 1994. Therefore, the safety and security of the country rests in the hands of the nation. General strength And this National Aviation Service.

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The military was abolished in Costa Rica. Photo: France 24