June 17, 2024

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Who is Alex Dinda, and why his name in the war in Russia and Ukraine is a trend

The Mexican YouTuber has traveled to the war zone in Ukraine and Russia to document what is happening.

Conflict between Russia and Ukraine Following the announcement of Vladimir Putin’s military action, the world’s attention has been drawn to what could happen in the next few hours. International news networks have begun to cover the minutes of the actions of the political leaders involved. In those personalities Alex’s name has highlighted the storeA Mexican YouTube has become a global trend, but why?

Who is Alex Store?

Environment: It’s about a young Mexican living on a YouTube platform since 2006. Many have compared its content to that created by Luisito Comunica, although in recent times its content has become more socially and politically relevant.

From the first warnings about Russia’s attack on UkraineThe content creator shared on his social networks his decision to begin the process of obtaining a visa and to soon travel to the country under the rule of Volodymyr Zhelensky.

Through its sites, it does not stop sharing what people experience and the events of fear felt on the streets. Alex Store He was able to videotape one of the bombings ordered by Putin, which turned into a viral video that quickly spread on the Internet.

As his presence in the war zone media invited him to participate in live broadcasts, he could express his opinion and what to say. What is happening between Russia and Ukraine. This participation caused criticism in the group of users, who questioned the way they worked “He risks his life for two scenes”, Expressed in networks. Another team appreciated the work he did because he and a video camera filmed this important event for the world and the consequences it could bring.

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In the latest video titled “Why does Russia want to occupy Ukraine?”, the beginning of the youtuber conflict, which seeks to explain why it is important for the world to know who is involved and what is happening in those areas. In the last minutes of the post, he reveals the reviews he received and how he feels about the reason for his trip to Kiev and other places in danger.

“I did not do this to create scenes or go where trends are. I know those who know me know that. We have been doing this for more than 10 years, and to minimize it, I am doing this for Jeremy (his assistant in Ukraine). Interpretation is very important and something very strong is coming.

The Mexican YouTuber has traveled to the war zone in Ukraine and Russia to document what is happening.
The Mexican YouTuber has traveled to the war zone in Ukraine and Russia to document what is happening.

Fact: In July 2019, the documentary maker traveled to Kiev, Ukraine to report on the Metro against nuclear weapons attacks. “Driving a battle tank, going to the grand palace of a former president, firing powerful high-powered handguns, resting on a pyro on a Soviet training plane and the place where the world is already talking is one of the things I have chosen. For over a year now I have been planning to visit and explore and share with you. “Commented.

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A new way to report

YouTuber Alex Store case His presence in the media to comment on matters of global interest is not the first to cause controversy. Other colleagues on YouTube channels are in a similar situation because of the content they post. In many cases, they go in front of agencies and the media and take the first available flight to begin the journey to dangerous areas where access is not possible.

The presence of content creators at these types of events has become popular. Some do this to build views on their channels, while others do so with a commitment to report and witness what is happening on the site.

Web light.  (Photo: Wallpaper Flare)
Web light. (Photo: Wallpaper Flare)

What about the Alex Store?

According to a video released by YouTube, he said one of the dangers he faced was not being able to return to Mexico for a long time after traveling to Ukraine. Air departures are not as stable as in other countries, and since 2014, with the attack on passenger aircraft, restrictions have been imposed to control and prevent this type of attack. Currently, access to multiple destinations has been canceled, so you will not be able to leave the country until you receive a ticket at the end of your coverage.

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