June 3, 2023

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Sánchez and Pedro pledged to end the political deadlock in Venezuela

“We both want to analyze the solutions to the migrant crisis that affects the region,” the Spanish president said, referring to the increase in migrants through illegal border crossings such as El Darien.

In a joint declaration by the presidents of Spain and Colombia, President Pedro Sánchez pledged that his government would try to “find a solution to the long-standing crisis in Venezuela.”

For this reason, Nicolás Maduro justified his participation in April’s meeting in Bogotá with the aim of reactivating the dialogue between him and the opposition.

During the bilateral meeting at the Moncloa Palace, various topics were discussed, such as the fight against the environmental crisis, educational agreements, total peace in New Granada, Spain’s support for this purpose and the European country’s investment in Colombia.

“We both want to analyze the solutions to the migration crisis that the region suffers from,” Sanchez said, referring to the increase in migrants through illegal border crossings like El Darien. He also highlighted the role played by Colombia in welcoming Venezuelans to the territory, describing it as “an example of encouraging Colombians”.

The Spanish president proposed to address the causes of the crisis at its roots and create safe and legal migration routes.

“The two countries are renewing the circular migration agreement, which will lead to doubling the number of beneficiaries. We are looking for solutions to the drama in the Darien region between Panama and Colombia, one of the most complex routes.


For his part, President Gustavo Pedro pointed out that one of the most relevant results of the dialogue with his counterpart was the mutual recognition agreement for access to the university, which means that the processes of harmonizing titles will be faster for Spanish youth. Colombia and Colombian youth in Spain.

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As another key point, he highlighted his demand that Latin America cease to be a “generally extractive raw material production area”.

He asked that the manufacturing base be common and occur on both continents. “The relationship will become a more productive and prosperous world partnership,” he concluded.


Gustavo Pedro’s visit to Spain will be the only state visit to Spain in 2023.

Pedro took part in a session of the Spanish Congress on Wednesday, May 3, where he was greeted with applause, as most left-wing ideologues support him.

“The onslaught of those who don’t like change is focused on me, the onslaught of those who believe the world is good, and hopes are heaped upon me that I fear I will not be able to fulfill.” He said in one of his speeches.

Pointing out that it is currently the epicenter of attacks, the President also referred to the global climate crisis.

“It is impossible to be a world force of life unless all humanity tries,” said President Pedro.

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