April 15, 2024

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They capture Diomedito, who is allegedly associated with drug traffickers

They capture Diomedito, who is allegedly associated with drug traffickers

The drug trafficking ring is accused of sending 8 tons of cocaine overseas a month and the singer is said to be in charge of the finances.

Enaldo Barrera Hernández, known as “Diomedito” in the world of Vallenato, was caught in the middle of an operation against a drug trafficking network known as “The Clan of the Condor” in La Guajira, including the leader of the group and 17 of its alleged members.

It was the same National Police Director General William Salamanca who reported on the raid, which was conducted in conjunction with the Navy, the Attorney General’s Office and US authorities, to find that the gang was sending drugs to Central America, the United States and Europe.

17 people were arrested, including Edicto Segundo Castañeda Hernández, alias ‘el Condor, and the group’s leader, singer Enalto Barrera.

According to information provided by authorities, Vallenato was in charge of the criminal organization’s finances with three other individuals: artist Orlando Piñeros, César Díaz and Jollman García.

Enaldo Barrera spent 10 years in prison in the United States, where he traveled in 2001 to promote his musical work ‘Por quererte tanto’. They were arrested after drugs were found in their suitcases.

In 2012 he returned to Colombia and in 2014 his career took on a new lease when he voiced a character in a national production.

Enaldo Barrera, remembered for the song ‘Si no peleamos’, was scheduled to perform in La Mesa, Cundinamarca on Saturday, July 15, to release his new work ‘Buscando un amor’, an event where other artists were also invited.

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On the operation against the “Kantor clan”, the police director pointed out that “there are four more people to catch, we are going to catch them, we are going after them”.

The drug trafficking ring is accused of sending 8 tons of cocaine to foreign countries every month. “They made transfers on speedboats on the high seas to large vessels used by criminal organizations,” General Salamanca explained, adding that the criminals had ties to the Sinaloa cartel.

They arrested a police officer who was allegedly carrying 50 kg of cocaine in his vehicle

Illegal crops in Colombia

In areas like Catambo in Norte de Santander, cocoa farmers are migrating to legal crops because they say growing cocoa leaves is no longer a business.
However, the transition was not easy because in the past the cocoa base was a barter currency for buying food and goods. At present, due to this situation, crop theft complaints have increased.

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