October 1, 2023

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Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner sentenced to 6 years in prison for corruption Argentina | T.W.

10:35 pm | Fernandez de Kirchner declined the presidential nomination

“I am not going to be a candidate for anything, not for senator, vice president or president of the nation,” Kirchner said in a message on social networks, but he can run because the sentences have not been finalized. Her jurisdiction and you can appeal to higher courts.

She also confirmed that she would return to “the same house” from where she left with her husband, the late Nestor Kirchner, “on May 25, 2003.”

22:07 | Vice President defends himself: “I have no control over the laws or the budget”

“According to the Constitution, “I have no control over the laws or the budget approved by the representatives and legislators,” the accused said. “What is surprising is that they say I have committed a crime by enacting, implementing and administering the laws. In the country’s budget, I did not legislate on the work done in the province of Santa Cruz,” he added.

22:05 | Fernandez de Kirchner speaks after the sentence

“It is clear that there was an intention to finally censure me as was done today,” said the vice-president.

21:53 | The Vice President will not go to jail until the Supreme Court verdict

Fernandez de Kirchner’s privileges and immunities appeals prevent him from going to jail until the Supreme Court’s final decision. The Vice President is yet to reveal his intentions before the 2023 general elections.

21:49 | Nearly $500 million in forfeitures

The oral court also ordered the confiscation of proceeds of crime amounting to 84,835 million pesos ($482 million).

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The former president, who enjoys in-principle immunity until December 2023 due to his position in government, has the right to appeal the sentence in higher courts.

21:46 | Lázaro Báez and the former head of the National Highway Administration were also sentenced to 6 years in prison.

In addition to sentencing Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the court also sentenced Lázaro Baez, former Public Works Secretary Jose López, and former National Highway Administration President Nelson Periotti to 6 years in prison.

21:44 | Guilty of “fraudulent administration”.

Kirchner, 69, was found guilty of “fraudulent administration” against the government in awarding road works in his political cradle province of Santa Cruz (Patagonia).

Fernandez’s sentence was less than the 12-year sentence prosecutors had sought in August in closing arguments in the process.

21:42 | The Prosecutor’s Office sentenced the Vice President to 6 years in prison and lifelong political disqualification

In the road case, Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Fernandez was sentenced this Tuesday (12.06.2022) to 6 years in prison for irregularities in the awarding of road works in favor of businessman Lázaro Baez. Kirchner governments (2003-2015). However, he was acquitted of the alleged unlawful contact.

While passing sentence in a trial that began in May 2019, the Federal Oral Court of Buenos Aires 2 also ruled to permanently disqualify the former president from public office.