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The European Union is completely closing its airspace to Russia

The European Union is completely closing its airspace to Russia


27 Feb 2022 16:36 GMT

The head of the European Commission has proposed a ban on all aircraft owned, registered and controlled by Russia.

The European Union (EU) has proposed a ban on all Russian-owned, Russian-registered and Russian-controlled aircraft. They also completely closed their airspace to Russia. Indian This Sunday the President of the European Commission Ursula van der Leyen.

“We are closing EU airspace for Russians and proposing a ban on all Russian flights registered and controlled by Russia. These aircraft will no longer be allowed to land, take off or fly over EU borders.” he said.

This applies to any aircraft owned or controlled by a legal person or a Russian national. “So I want to be very clear: our airspace will be closed to all Russian aircraft, including private planes of oligarchs,” he added.

Actions taken by Russia

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency has taken a number of counter-measures in response to the decision of several countries to ban Russian aircraft from being deployed in their airspace.

One was adopted Control Use of Russian Federation airspace for aircraft owned, leased or operated by a person affiliated with the United Kingdom or registered in the United Kingdom, including transport aircraft.

To be continued Restricted Utilization of Russian airspace by air operators from Bulgaria, Poland and the Czech Republic due to the “friendly actions” of the aviation authorities of these states. Flights from these countries will be carried over Russian airspace only after approval from the agency or the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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