June 16, 2024

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She cut off her husband and embalmed with meat

She cut off her husband and embalmed with meat

The man had sexually abused his adopted daughter, and the woman killed him in retaliation.

A horrific act took place this month in Villa Fiorito in Argentina and shocked the country. A 56-year-old man has been killed for allegedly abusing the daughter of his emotional partner.

Daniel Thomas Silvero was last seen on June 1 at 8:00 pm recorded on security camera when he arrived in a white car at the house where he lived with his wife Laura Marcela Campos.

A few days later, Silvero’s daughter (who was with his former emotional partner) reportedly went missing and received a text message from him saying that he was going to rent at another address and change it. Chip from your cell phone.

That’s where the investigation began, and it ended with the woman’s confession.

Campos confessed to the crime against her husband, but it was dismissed because he had not testified before a competent authority for the case.

In the same way, with his report, they were able to continue the investigation and find the severed head in a cement boat, in a stream, where the experts of the Science Police worked.

Other remains were found near where they were first found.

Daniel Thomas was, frankly, convicted of two counts of sexual abuse: one for his biological daughter (2010) and the other for his adopted daughter (2019).

The 46-year-old woman said she had beaten Silvero and cut off his body and dumped the mutilated corpse in different places in Lomas de Zamora. She and her two butchers, aged 21 and 27, were arrested on suspicion of murder and mutilation.

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Terrifying testimony

Neighbors of the woman accused of murdering her husband told investigators that the butcher shop owners suspected that the remains of the deceased may have been made into meat empanadas.

One woman said it was unusual to see them selling empanodas and that they started selling them a few days after Silvero disappeared.

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