June 11, 2023

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Venezuelan regime tries to cover up fierce civil war waged in Chavismo: El Issamy not only targeted

Most of the parties of the Great Patriotic Pole broke away from the government

The only thing that has succeeded in duplicating revolutions like Cuba’s in Venezuela is in the destruction of the economic apparatus, in the deterioration of the military system, in the proliferation of corruption among high officials, and a hungry population dying of decadence and indifference. , at the same time that Widespread corruption In all parts of the country, educational institutions are being phased out, the media are being censored, and hospitals are being destroyed. And, of course, waving flags to sway public opinion through crusades ranging from economic warfare to the fight against corruption. This is demonstrated by the defense of a powerful man, although he will not be alone: Tareck El-Aissami.

As Fidel Castro in Cuba, Joseph Stalin in Russia, Kim Jong-un in North Korea, Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and a long list of the world’s dictatorial leaders have proven, they are all disposable wild cards, with room for only one.

Che Guevara spectacularly failed to turn the Andes mountain range that runs through Venezuela into America’s Sierra Maestra. Politician, journalist and writer sometimes described Domingo Alberto Rangel BourgoinThe Argentine Guerrilla He resigned himself that the Venezuelan people would not submit to the dictates of Communism.

Jose Pinto was arrested on June 15, 2020

Che Guevara’s desire for Venezuela followed years later Hugo Rafael Chavez FriasHe took the discourses of the left and revolution and tried to impose a version on what he called. 21st Century Socialism, and applies to: changing historical symbols, including heroes of the motherland, changing the flag and shield; He reformed republican institutions, which he renamed, and increased the bureaucracy; Abolition of devolution is a pretext to modernize them.

Also, the jails were overcrowded Political prisoners, some of them come from the ranks of the Revolution; Eradication using administration of justice or police intelligence, political enemies, internal or external forces: replacing the armed forces with a personal view of blurring, breaking the corporate pyramid structure with a monopoly on arms, the constitution, among others.

Tareck El Aissami, former oil minister

A failed attempt to form a party with the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), but met with opposition from small coalition organizations, so Simon Bolivar created the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP); This is how he wanted to unite the revolutionary parties beyond the PSUV. There were eight parties: Alliance for Change (APC), People’s Electoral Movement (MEP), Tupamaro Movement of Venezuela (Tupamaro), Organization of Real Renewal (ORA), United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Patria para Todos (PPT), Social Democracy (Podemos). ) and the Popular Unity of Venezuela (UPV). Subsequently, Nicolás Maduro, in 2018, created his own party, the Somos Venezuelan Movement (MSV), placing Delci Elona Rodríguez Gómez as its leader.

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Podemos broke decisively from the GPP in 2007 when it rejected a referendum proposed by Chávez to reform 69 articles of the constitution; In June 2012, the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) appointed former Governor Tidalco Bolivar to the Board of Directors. When most of these parties criticized or disagreed with the policies imposed by the government and the party in power, Maduro used the TSJ to intervene in the parties and change orders that carried cards; In the Dupamaros case, they arrested the organization’s highest-ranking leader, José Tomás Pinto Marrero, in July 2020 on pretext of murder.

Governor Guzmán with Nicolás Maduro Guerra in Mérida

The PSUV was established in November 2022 to revamp the party cadre:

November 10: Production meetings of each UBCH with promoters, street managers, communities and UBCH groups.

November 11: UBCH’s Organization and National Campaign Day, Media Networks, Streets, Walls, Papalographs and Murals.

12th November: Assembly of Appointments Establishing that existing members of EPE (State Political Committee), EPM (Municipal Political Committee) and EPP (Parish Political Committee) can only vote in the place allocated to vote. A reference of 120 participants per assembly. DN (National Directorate) will receive all applications and will be responsible for appointing teams. The Youth (Jpsuv) joins the PSUV in the same assembly to go through its internal process.

They told the common militant that these meetings across the country would be held “without coercion, pre-lists or lines”, no lines to follow, “governors and mayors are born, they should not be nominated” and personal campaigning. Delegates and delegates to Congress may be nominated. TN will decide if the mayors are part of the state directorate.

As per procedure, it is indicated to check participation and make list of help. The event was organized in three moments:

1) Appointment of PSUV and JPSUV State Political Teams.

2) Nomination of municipal political parties PSUV and JPSUV.

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3) Position of parish political parties PSUV and JPSUV.

It is enough for someone to stand up and make a recommendation to get a place in the final list,” the explanation was given. Heads of UBCHs were instructed to “upload the statements (photograph of nomination record, photograph of assembly, list of nominees and attendance record) yourself in CC200 PSUV application, thus guarantee of original records by the head of UBCH.

“They pointed out that the leaders of the streets, community and UBCH can apply in any size group. If it is decided that you will advance to parochial, municipal or state, you will have to relinquish your responsibility to the newly elected second person.

It is nothing more than a speech for a public fighter, and in the end, the governing party with the same culture in presidential elections, governors, mayors, representatives, councilors or anything else, does not respect the parameters established by them. So, everyone who can draw a list of their posts.

November 13: Regularization will be done.

That was until the local, state and regional leaderships arrived, because the party at the national level ultimately decided who would be left in each seat, even if it ignored the winner in each seat.

Nicolás Maduro Know that power God given hair Although he occupied important political positions in the regional and municipal ranks of the PSUV, it was above him in the PSUV.

There is a power struggle in the PSUV from every corner of the country, which has even faced street leaders with blows. The state of Mérida, which has become a strong power front for Tareck El Aissami, the now ousted oil minister, may start with one of the least critical.

A street leader from Tachira votes in the internal workings of the PSUV

JEHISON JOSE GUZMAN ARAC, the current governor of the Andean state of Mérida, is a constitutionalist and a member of Hugo Chávez’s ministerial cabinet. A few days ago, in response to the PSUV’s line to support the removal of Tarek El Issamy and his group, which was built on the “fight against corruption” campaign, they said they had a serious discussion and decided. “Together with our President Nicolás Maduro in the frontline battle against corruption, the revolution and the battle to protect the interests of our people”

Although he did not explain it, he referred to “threatening voices that want to come and attack the revolution” because events have unfolded that none of us would like to be proud of, but rather forcefully reject corrupt practices. revolutionary; Any reality of corruption corrupts the capitalist aspirations of a being.”

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“We demand that the justice system should evaluate all corrupt practices at all levels, especially corrupt practices related to different opposition parties should go unpunished.”

Although the facts show the opposite, Guzmán assured, “The revolution will not allow gaps for those who deviate from the aims of the homeland. From the PSUV, we express our unconditional support to President Nicolás Maduro, and we accompany him in this crusade to continue fighting for our people for the legacy of Commander Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias.” finished

Jason Guzman He does not engage in conflict, he favors consensus, and for this reason he seems to have complete control of the Socialist Party in the state of Mérida; Most of the members of the organization are united around the regional leader. He is very close to Miranda’s governor, Hector Rodriguez, and is aligned with the sector led by Nicolás Maduro.

The newly named party organization was composed of officials and leaders sympathetic to Guzmán; Although Mayor Jesús Araç is aligned with Maduro and denies the governor’s power, it is a passive conflict that is often suspended due to the dynamics of barandas and parties, each promoting themselves, with the participation of international artists.

Although there was much influence from Mérida Tareck Zaidan El Aissami Maddah, certainly seems like a story from the past; The political power of the oil minister has been significantly reduced.

A former minister, former diplomat and current deputy of the National Assembly, Ramon Augusto Lobo Moreno He appears to be vying for the regional leadership, but he has the stigma of being close to Deostato and has not shown the strength or ability necessary to be considered a threat to PSUV’s position in Mérida.

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