May 26, 2024

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Three Colombians arrested for smuggling 30 migrants across Panama border

Three Colombians arrested for smuggling 30 migrants across Panama border

Rescued by Colombian marines 30 are of Chinese origin Those trying to cross the border into Panama. They were found about a nautical mile off Cabo Tiburon, as described by the neighboring country’s officials. In the extreme north of the Soko sector.

The boat was intercepted after the Quick Reaction Unit was deployed from Uraba Coast Guard Station. “Suspicious ship It traveled through the waters of the Gulf of Uraba”.

Three Colombians commanded the transported amphibious vehicle 26 Chinese men and four women. As the military agency announced, “The boat was not authorized and There are no minimum security requirements To go to sea.”

It was towed by uniformed officers to the dock of the Uraba Coast Guard in the Turbo municipality of Antioquia in the country’s northwest, where they checked the health of the crew members. Deliver them to Colombian immigration, Reviewed by La Vanguardia.

For their part, the three citizens who carried the boat were charged Human trafficking. It is thought that the Colombians planned to lead them towards the Tarian Forest so that the Asians could pass through Central America and finally through the Americas.

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