August 19, 2022

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Venezuela activates all security agencies in the event of tropical waves

Tropical wave
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Interior, Justice and Peace Minister Remigio Ceballos made the announcement on Monday Continues to activate All-country security agencies ahead of a tropical wave affecting the northeast coast between Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We have a full risk management system in place, with maritime authority (…) for all forecasts for officers and sailors, as well as forecasts for civil defense and firefighters to attend to any emergencies,” Cephalos said in a video release. On the ministry’s Twitter account.

Jose Pereira, president of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (INAME), pointed out in the same video that this is tropical wave number 11, which has a 90% chance of becoming “tropical depression”.

“It can blow at speeds of up to 56 kilometers per hour, causing prolonged winds (…) and waves on the east coast of the country, so we will continue to monitor evolution from the species for the next few hours,” he added.

Pereira said it would arrive in the eastern part of the island of Margarita in the state of Nueva Esporta on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.

Under surveillance

The National Hurricane Center of the United States (NHC) monitors three systems in the Atlantic Ocean, one of which is located in the Central Tropical Atlantic and could become a hurricane in the coming days, affecting the islands of Barlowo and parts of Venezuela.

According to the NHC, a tropical wave formed 900 miles (1,448 km) east-southeast of the Windward Islands (Grenada, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, among others). There is a 70% chance of it becoming a storm in 48 hours and a 90% chance in 5 days.

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According to the forecast, the tropical depression will move westward over the next few days before reaching the Windward Islands on Tuesday night or through the southern Caribbean Sea from Wednesday to Friday.

The company has forecast heavy rains inland on Tuesday night and Wednesday off the Windward Islands and the northeast coast of Venezuela.

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