September 27, 2023

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A Venezuelan migrant caravan leaves southern Mexico for the United States.

A The first caravan of about 1,000 Venezuelan immigrants He left Ciudad Hidalgo in Chiapas, southern Mexico, for the United States in search of work and better living conditions, despite new immigration restrictions in that country.

This is the first caravan of migrants from this country who have irregularly entered through Mexico’s border with Guatemala this year, arriving in Tapachula, 38 kilometers from the border line, to rest and then continue their journey.

In front of the caravan, a group of migrants displayed a banner that read “SOS, Freedom and Peace“, they continued to walk along the southern border of Mexico.

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His destination is America

Traveling in this group is Venezuelan Miguel Garrido, who told Efe that his mission is to reach the United States.

However, they waited for five days in Ciudad Hidalgo, when immigration officials promised to meet them, but they were deceived, he alleged, and for this they asked for the help of buses to avoid inconvenience to Mexicans. Population passing through the country

“We are here with a group of migrants asking the (Mexican) government to pay attention to the program we have. for us, Here we go people with children who have sold their housesTheir cars, they have business, they bring us here from town to town, we want you to please give us an answer to the migration, which takes us from town to town so that we can cover the expenses”, he pointed out.

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This immigrant was dedicated to building jobs in his country, but decided to leave everything behind to help his family because of Venezuela’s economic and political crisis.

In their transport, members of the “Beta” group of this displaced caravan invite people to walk quietly along the side of the Mexican highway and others to board the buses quietly until they reach Tapachula in Chiapas.

They hope to come to America to “live the American dream.” Photo: Efe

Restrictions in Mexico

Another of his comrades was Igar Humberto, who condemned the National Migration Agency (INM) for sending them back to the international bridge between Mexico and Guatemala, for which they decided to organize themselves in Ciudad Hidalgo and seek free passage to the border. North of Mexico.

Similarly, Estefani Madrid, who settled in Venezuela, noted that they decided to leave of their own free will, without forcing anyone, while saying that they were going quietly, without protest, without affecting anyone.

This immigrant was devoted to daily tasks at home, but decided to settle down to support his children, whom he left behind in his home country.

Let’s go for the real American dream, obey the rules or wait for the nominationThe thing is, they let us go through Mexico,” he said.

On the Ciudad Hidalgo-Tapachula highway, this caravan of migrants is guarded by the National Guard, the Highway Division and the southern Mexican state’s police and local police.